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Blob jumping airbag testing

Blob jumping airbag testing  

On October 24th, our factory tested a popular net red inflatable jumping airbag, also named the flying air bag.  The airbags size is 6m long by 3.5m width by 2m height, use 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin of plato.


The principle of this product is the same as the jumping water blob, except that the water blob is played on the water, this is in the outdoor or trampoline park. For people who can't swim, or no water nearby your place, indoor park is a gospel product.


The entire test product consists of 3 parts:

1. Lifting platform: movable, adjustable, can be applied to a variety of heights of jumping platform. It use good quality metal making, it’s very strong and stable! Height can be 1-6 meter, or customized the height you need. The lifting platform has two remote control units, which can adjust the height as much as possible according to their own suitable height.


2. Yellow blob jump airbag, the main product we tested today. Whole product need air pump and air blower. Surrounded by the air-tight fence, and there is a air-constantly airbag mattress at the bottom, need blower inflate all the time when using it. While middle is air-tight blob and need to be inflated with pump. It should be noted that the middle blob part can not be filled with too much air. If the air is full, it will not play the role of bounce. And If you are using this product for the first time, you need to constantly adjust the pressure inside to achieve the best use of the product.


3. The blue one on the left, is our foam pit airbag.The foam pit air bag is used as a falling object, and its gradual absorption capacity is the best, and this is one of our most popular, hot selling products. Especially for trampoline parks, it is a good substitute for foam blocks, good price, easy to clean, easy to transport, safe and sanitary, etc.

Put it behind the blob jumping airbag.In addition, we can replace it with a PE ocean balls, but it needs a sufficient quantity which is equivalent to a ocean ball pool. Enough height, the player will not be injured when landing, or be submerged by the ball, this is a "the subject of where people go?" If you use a sea ball pool as a landing method, please have a staff member next to it to facilitate pulling people out.

Lifting platform
Inflate the blob airbag
When everything is ready, we start testing:

>2 people are needed on the platform ready to jump, 1 people lying at the end of the yellow inflatable flying airbag.

>The platform is adjusted to a height of 6 meters, 2 people on the platform jumped at the same time, When the two men jump off the platform, the air pressure will be transmitted to end of the blob airbag, The air pressure will bounce the person lying down and then land on the foam pit airbag or ocean ball pool.

>Where is the people?

>Repeatedly testing this many times, you can see if the product needs improvement or ok for shipment?

>At the same time, check the details: when the airbag is inflated, there is a place where there is no sewing? and if the air-tight part, there is a leak? Whether the part that is often torn is easy to break? Can the air pump and fan operate normally?

>We will conduct rigorous testing before shipment to ensure the quality of the products so that customers receive satisfactory products. So visible, our airbag are safe and qualified. Whether it is from product quality or performance, the airbag of Powerful Toys is the best quality.

    Ready to Jump
    Landing on the airbag

    Blob jumping airbag, when you are bounced, it will make people scream, and your pressure will be released at this moment. Both the player and the onlookers will feel very excited.
    BEST Airbag
    In addition, Powerful Toys also produce a variety of air bag: such as stunt cushion, trampoline park airbag, freestyle airbag, BMX air bag, landing airbag and so on. We specialize in the production of research and design air cushions, creating happiness for more people and providing safe products for trampoline parks.
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