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beyoncé is majestic in new lion king cast photo ... but fans demand to know what happened to missing mufasa as james earl jones is noticeably absent

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-15
Mufasa is MIA.
Disney released (nearly)
Full-angle photos of the scene-
The action Lion King team showed the entire proud rock gang for the first time on Monday before the movie premiere.
Beyonce, Donald Glover and other stars
The star, James Earl Jones, was absent and fans asked what had happened.
Where is the king? ?
Asked a fan.
\"Where is James Earl Jones ? \"
Questions about why the legendary actor replayed Mufasa\'s role from the original animated film were answered in comments from dozens of fans.
Image features in the figure Beyonce
Take off the black long sleeve hugthe-
Shoulder robe standing in the center of the lens.
Her hair was so high that the ponytail on one side was taken away.
Sitting in front of her was Donald Glover, who starred in Simba.
The whole crew was dressed in black, charcoal and gray.
Shots from left to right include Billy aishina, Shahadi Wright Joseph, JD McCrary, Seth Logan, Florence casuba, Donald Gello
Michael Key and Eric Andre
Disney released a photo of the actor\'s face last week. to-
Face their role and leave Mufasa again. The 88-year-
Old actors are not included in the live promotional materials-
The action movie, but heard his signature voice in the trailer and the remake.
As of now, Jones is re-playing several of his most famous characters, and in addition to mufasha, the star is again vocal for the 6 th century rogue character Darth Vader: the story of \"Star Wars\" and will be King Jaffe Joffer in the next 2 US revives.
Fans are crazy about the highly anticipated live broadcast.
The Disney movie \"action restart\" premiered in 1994.
According to Fandango, a film ticketing service company, according to the situation 24 hours before the film was shown,
The movie grossed more than the speed at which Disney\'s classic animated film was restarted.
The restart, directed by Jon Favro, brings together a particularly impressive roster of celebrities who lend their voices to the animal kingdom, many of whom are actors of color
In the original adaptation, there was a distinct difference from most white actors.
Favro and his team took advantage of it.
Technology video game technology creates virtual
The real film production of the film.
As a result, the audience will be immersed in the sights and sounds of the film and the African savannah and its inhabitants.
It was an incredible experience.
I have never seen such a thing before.
Glover said in a recent promo that everyone knows what it means and how much everyone has invested.
The team at Favreau used the video game engine to build a virtual Serenade and the iconic site of The Lion King, and while the finished movie was completely digital, they used live streaming
Action cameras, carts, cranes and stable cameras make their shots more realistic.
The Lion King will hold its global premiere in Los Angeles on July 9 and will be released on July 18.
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