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be aware of any recalls by car manufacturers, miros tells consumers

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-18
Petaling jaya: While automakers often recall vehicles to repair defects, consumers also need to take the initiative to ensure their safety.
According to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (Miros)director-
In general, car owners need to be vigilant about any recalls made by car manufacturers.
He is commenting on the death of 43-year-old Law Suk Leh in Sibu in July 27 in connection with the airbag inflator made by Japan\'s Takata company.
She was more than eight months pregnant and died after Honda\'s airbag inflator popped a metal fragment into her neck when her car collided.
Mr. Huang said the United States was taking the initiative to ask Mr. Takada to recall vehicles equipped with airbags.
\"Owners in Malaysia need to know what the affected models are and whether their cars are on the list,\" he explained . \".
However, Huang noted that Malaysia\'s recall system is not as perfect as developed countries such as the United States, as there is currently no system in the country to alert all affected car owners.
Wong added that there needs to be a better system here to alert car owners when a recall is issued.
Law\'s death was the fifth Takata-related death, with a large number of airbags --
The death has triggered recalls by car manufacturers around the world.
An AFP report said Honda had recalled as many as 6 million cars in the United States alone in the case of Takata airbags.
As for Malaysia Honda, it will recall 15,734 Honda City and Honda Jazz cars here.
According to Madani Sahari, CEO of the Malaysian Institute of automobile research, his organization has discussed the Sibu incident with Honda, in which it was found that the relevant Takata airbags were installed in Honda City. 2003-2004)
Sir Honda (2004)models.
Madani advised Honda customers to contact the manufacturer to check if their car was affected.
A spokesman for UMW Toyota\'s Sdn Bhd said that although several Toyota models sold in Japan were recalled, none of the models sold in Malaysia were affected by the exercise.
BMW Malaysia Ltd says it will replace passengers
All BMW3 series side airbags are produced between 2001 and 2003 with model code e46.
The automaker\'s press statement quoted Takata safety systems as saying that some of the airbags manufactured were at risk of cracking or not properly inflated at the start-up.
BMW added that it is working with the Road Transport Department to reach out to all affected owners.
The CEO of Perusahaan otomobile Kedua Sdn Bhd Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh assured customers that Perodua did not use a different airbag vendor
Different suppliers are also used by Proton.
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