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bake off boosts channel 4\'s christmas day ratings

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-31
Great Christmas baking helped Channel 4 reach the highest Christmas ratings in 15 years.
The Christmas edition attracted an average of 4 viewers.
There are 8 million people.
Channel 4 says it has the largest Christmas audience in terms of quantity and share since the start of modern television measurement records in 2002.
But after the top festival shows, there is still a way to go for baking.
The BBC\'s One\'s Call The Midwife topped Christmas ratings with 9 points.
Audience 6 million.
The Queen\'s Christmas message led 7 of the night ratings released on Boxing Day.
BBC One, ITV and Sky News are 6 million kilometers across the street.
But when it was 7, the call to the midwife and other shows exceeded it. day catch-
Considering the viewing.
Source: PABBC One aired 7 of the top 10 shows on Christmas Day.
Coronation Street is the most popular program for ITV, with an audience of 7 million people, ranking sixth.
Victoria and Emmerdale are also among the top 10, five of them. 4 million and 5.
1 million respectively.
Despite doing so well on Channel 4, out of the top 10 overall, great Christmas baking was almost missed.
The baking of the Christmas special cannot match the audience because of its recent full series --
From the BBC to Channel 4 for the first time.
An average of 9 million viewers.
This is the second year in a row, and midwives are among the best in the Christmas comprehensive score.
2017 total 9.
6 million is up 400,000 from the previous year.
However, Christmas ratings are much lower than they were decades ago.
TV channels became popular before streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon appeared.
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