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baa baa black ice! hilarious moment a whole flock of sheep slips and slides along frozen road

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-25
It was a lovely moment when a group of sheep led by a camel tried to cross the icy road but unfortunately slipped.
A flock of sheep tried to follow the llama Lora in a straight line, but most of them fell to the ground and cried in the chaos, unable to handle the slippery road.
Shot yesterday at Winchester Springs, Ontario, Canada, where temperatures are as low-
16 C, the clip is a funny and sweet performance of wool sheep.
The clip starts with a black Llama Lola, which leads the flock while slipping and sliding everywhere.
Despite her wobbles, Lola managed to stay awake, but so did her sheep followers.
The second sheep in line fell completely, the legs twisted to the side, and many other sheep fell behind.
But the furry friend managed to flip back and join the herd to run.
Many little sheep are accompanied by goats as they cross the ice, losing their balance and sliding around the whole place.
Black, white, brown and spotted sheep, goats, and mammals end up bleeding through the snow all the way.
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