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b.c. man gets 2 1/2 years over impaired driving death of sundre motorcyclist

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-15
B soon after the verdict. C. man to 2-
A drunk spent 1/2 years in federal prison.
A judge in Calgary drove to death and asked the criminal to \"learn the lesson \"(and)move on.
Justice John Locke said that Sean Terence Levin had made a terrible mistake, but that he should not have let that mistake define his life, but should have tried to improve himself.
\"You can\'t change the past, but you can change the future, you can change the future of yourself, your family, your victims, and any potential victims,\" RUK said . \".
\"Don\'t exaggerate this card and get your life back on track,\" the Queen\'s Court judge said . \".
\"You made a terrible mistake and you will pay for that terrible mistake.
\"Learn the lesson and move on and show that you are a man and do it for yourself and your family.
\"Luke accepted a joint submission from the prosecutor, Ron Simnick, and defense counsel, danucia Bourdon, requesting 30-
A five-month sentence.
Ban driving for one year
When Letwin was released from prison, the driving ban began.
The 32-year-old Letwin earlier admitted that driving damage had killed Sundre motorcyclist Henryk Yonza.
The 47-year-old Yonza drove home from work on April 29, 2016, and along Highway 27 east of Sundre, Letwin turned to his driveway and hit the head of a motorcyclist.
Although he tried to brake, he was dropped from the bike and his calf and arm were torn off.
Luk noted that Yonza survived the initial impact of the accident and was assisted by a passer-by while he was waiting for an air ambulance.
\"It\'s not an instant, he lost his limbs and he\'s in pain,\" the judge said . \".
Rooke noted the suffering suffered by Yonza\'s family, as evidenced in the victim\'s impact statement.
They noticed that the deceased had no chance because Letwin was driving towards him in an area on the highway with a guardrail to stop him from getting off the bus.
\"When my son realizes that he has no chance to run away, he must have suffered a great deal of fear and suffering, which is unbearable,\" wrote his mother Elizabeth Young . \".
Yonza\'s brother, Robert, talks about the fact that the deceased is back in life after he lost his job during the recession and broke up with his wife.
\"It didn\'t happen, so without him, others will have to move on,\" Rooke said . \".
The judge also said he hoped the victims would find peace.
\"Celebrate life, don\'t mourn it, you mourn for two years,\" RUK said . \".
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