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b.c. inventor of wildfire-fighting bambi bucket inducted to hall of fame

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-05
Don ANI, an entrepreneur at Salt Spring Island, is a big entrepreneur.
Young dream inventor.
One of his earliest ideas was the blimp/airplane hybrid, and while he was only 12 years old, he drafted a proposal and sent it to the president of Air Canada.
\"Since I was a child, I have been interested in the way machinery works,\" Arney said . \".
The Bambi barrel is foldable (
Some versions fold into the size of a set of golf clubs)
Easy to fit on a standard helicopter cargo hook, easy to fill and precise-
Able to release the water column directly to the fire.
After the introduction, Bambi barrels were quickly adopted, and Arney estimated that SEI accounted for about 95 of the barrels used in helicopter fire fighting.
Speaking of this reputation, Arney said: \"I certainly appreciate things like this . \".
\"But it\'s totally unexpected, and that\'s the last thing I want to see.
\"If he can use the award to focus on histeam, the company he founded in Delta-the Seve industrial company, then the award is also\" of course popular\"
Color buckets at the forefront of helicopter fire fighting. Arney’s “a-
When he tested the industry
North Vancouver shipyard built for previous employers.
\"I told others that many inventions are extensions,\" Arney said . \" This means being able to see one thing and envision how some changes can turn it into another.
In this case, Arney is testing the airbag
Usually filled with compressed air to lift heavy objects under water
By filling them with water and marveling at how much weight the lightweight bag can hold.
After getting familiar with the air, he thought, \"What should I do to turn it into a fire bucket?
\"The answer is to design a simple valve at the bottom of the fabric bucket to deliver the flow of water, not the more troublesome and failed flow of water --
An easy-to-appear mechanism in the rigid plastic bucket being used at that time.
Arney designed the design in a series of work for one night, followed by another year of work and came up with a working prototype --
This, he said, shows that the inventor\'s motto is \"one point of inspiration, nine into sweat \".
He sent the Okanagan helicopter to his first client (
Later CHC Helicopter)
In 1982, Canada and the United States were both at the same time. S.
Forest services are looking for new innovations to replace the Air barrels they are using.
\"They have 12 features that they want in a new-
\"We have 12, and two more that they didn\'t think of,\" Arney said . \".
\"Bambi barrels have been an important tool for wildfire response agencies since their launch,\" said Leanne Ingham, acting director of wildfire B aviation management. C. in an email.
The agency asked all helicopter contractors it hired to use \"one barrel of their choice\" and almost all contractors to use Bambi barrels.
It is this important service that has attracted the attention of the National Inventor Hall of Fame selection team.
\"Don himself, I think he\'s a microcosm of the spirit of the inventor,\" said Vice President Rainie paiwa.
Non-elected and commended chairmanprofit group.
The inventor Hall of Fame was created by a group of intellectuals.
Real estate lawyers and the United StatesS.
Patent and Trademark Office.
The group attracted people holding U. S. Treasury bonds. S.
Innovation patents that have a significant impact on society.
Arney is ranked 2017 out of 15 people, including the leading inventor, Iver Anderson.
Free welding used in electronic manufacturing;
Marshall Jones invented a new way to use industrial lasers in welding.
There\'s also an award-winning award for Earl Dixon, the inventor of the ubiquitous band.
Aid brand adhesive bandage.
The event will take place on May 5 at the National Museum of Architecture in Washington. C.
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