awesome things to do when youâx80x99re stuck at home

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-29
While this is almost a guessing game about how the weather is in Qatar this weekend, it is likely that many people will choose to stay at home.
Well, it\'s not necessarily boring.
Despite living close to home, family, friends and neighbors can still be connected, have fun and sneak into some fitness activities.
People in the pool in hot and humid weather = fun.
Equations that are easy to understand.
A dip in the pool is sure to be refreshing.
One smart way to add some fitness is to play pool games.
Swimming competition can promote the whole body exercise.
A treasure hunter asked participants to search for a specific item at the bottom of the pool to exercise the participants\' lungs as they needed to dive and search the pool.
Yes, put a net across the pool and you can play water volleyball.
If you want to have a closer relationship, please keep the pool activity in the family.
It will be an interesting thing anyway.
OK, not everyone has a pool at home or at the villa.
So now you can improvise.
There are inflatable swimming pools in sports and online stores.
If you really have space, just buy one or two big ones and the problem is solved.
You don\'t even need to go out because online stores can deliver goods at your doorstep.
Cooking together is a great family activity, especially for kids.
Apart from intimacy, this is a great way to teach children responsibility.
Also, this is a subtle way to teach them a healthy diet.
Who knows you may find a small chef in your home.
If family and friends already know how to cook, eat a \"culinary treat \".
Decide on a theme or signature dish and cook it.
You can do it alone or on a team.
Choose a judge or a judge so that someone will make an official decision about who is the best dish.
In fact, however, everyone wins because when everything is over, they will not only be united, but they will be full.
Obviously, children like to play.
Not much exercise.
Unless you introduce it in an interesting way.
Teach your child some easy exercise like running in place and jumping jack. Make it fun. Be creative (
Basic yoga for kids).
In addition to intimacy, you and your children will also be healthy.
Speaking of cooking, this is a summer event that will never be barbecued!
Just the sweetness of cooking meat, especially when cooking in coal (
Forget the drill)
Can make summer active
Add some wood chips to the coal to give it a unique flavor and fragrance.
But you can grill more than meat.
Brush olive oil on vegetable slices like carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, and sprinkle with some spices so you can.
Put some corn on the winch as well.
Please note that barbecue is a healthy way to cook food.
Grab your smartphone and tablet and play the urge all day long.
Instead, play the old school way.
Play Scrabble or Monopoly games with family and friends.
This way, you can get actual interaction from your family and friends.
You may also learn one or two things.
You can even play a game in which a person will say a specific word and everyone will guess.
You may have limited options but that doesn\'t mean your weekend won\'t be great.
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