Audi A4: Bringing in More Power

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-04
This is the first convertible bearing four seats created by the automaker Audi long after the Audi convertible.This is a new 2006 Audi a4.The car is a completely solid car and a good companion.Audi has marketed this car as a model you want to take to different occasions and locations because it\'s elegant, intelligent and won\'t embarrass you.
The 2006 Audi A4 offers front wheel drive and automatic transmission only.It is completely Supreme because it looks different from other vehicles on the road.At the beginning of last year, sales of the car exceeded 2005.
The 2006 Audi A4 works well because it has the ability to transport drivers and passengers over long distances but still gives them excellent comfort.The sports seat of the convertible has a wide range of electrical position adjustments.In addition, there is an option to use leather trim, waist support and adjustable thigh support.
The car is completely stylish and has a very sporty body.It has a large air inlet bumper.Its xenon headlights have a titanium.There is a colored surround behind the glass.It also contains external mirror housing that has been supplied and sprayed with aluminum finishes.
After a look at the 2006 Audi a4, you can find the power exhaust tail tube on both sides. This is very typical for Audi S models.The 2006 Audi A4 convertible is not only a car that has just been given new skin, it has also changed other sports.The car has now been upgraded significantly.
It lies under the hood with two new directGasoline engine.In addition, the engine also gained some power.The car can now produce about 200 horsepower, about 207 of torque.
The 2006 Audi A4 also boasts a new steering wheel and a new navigation system, although most critics find it not notable, so it shouldn\'t be worth bragging about.This convertible from Audi sports features colored glass, power exterior mirror with bullet-proof mirror, aluminum trim around the side window, Poly-heated windshield cleaning nozzle for aerodynamics Oval halogen lamp projector headlights, front and rear fog lights,Locking brake system with vacuum power assist, side guard head for front and rear occupants to protect airbag, doublestage and dual-Threshold airbag replenishment restraint with occupant sensors, front and rear passenger seat belts, active driver and front passenger headrest, and a power lock system with safe unlocking function in case of airbag deployment.As Audi continues to innovate in producing cars, auto parts trading maintains its leading position in product excellence by continuously supplying top Audi parts.
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