auckland santa replaced over sexist remarks

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-02
In New Zealand\'s biggest Christmas parade, the man behind Santa\'s beard was dumped because he said you can\'t have a \"chest\" Chris Klinger.
Neville Baker has starred in the Oakland Santa Claus Parade in a red suit for the past four years, but organizers have caused a stir by commenting that he is not suitable for child idols.
Last week, Baker, who runs the Santa recruitment and training agency, told the New Zealand Herald that he would not hire women to play Santa because he wanted the children\'s experience to be as real as possible. \"We employ (women as)
The little helper of Santa Claus, they wore a small skirt and a coat. . .
But I\'m not going to let a man in a skirt and a coat, right, \"he said,\" not to mention the kids saying, \'Santa has a chest, Mama.
\"Michael Barnett, chairman of the children\'s Christmas parade Trust, said the tone of the comments prompted the organizers to participate in Sunday\'s event with different Santa suppliers.
\"It doesn\'t feel right, commenting on the value of activities that are not suitable for children,\" he told AAP . \".
\"The choice of agents is ours. . .
No one should notice the difference, there will still be Santa there.
\"The decision sparked an online debate on Saturday, with some calling for reinstatement.
Mr. Baker asked for comment and told the media earlier that he had not heard of the change.
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