Attention to buy inflatable products to see

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-15
Inflatable products on the surface of the water use will be a big advantage, using the buoyancy can have is floating, when the choice must careful. Inflatable toy is playing toys, and can't really guarantee the safety of children and be very careful when buying. Most consumers can't distinguish the swimming ring, inflatable swimming suit and the difference between the life buoy, life jackets. Relevant personnel, take the swimming laps with a life buoy, it has essential difference between the two. The first is use different. Swim ring belong to toys and life buoy is a life-saving equipment, the former can never replace the latter. Parents do not confuse the swim ring and the concept of life, the child's security entrusted to such a 'toy'. Second, different standard requirements. Swimming laps is a corporate standard, including inflatable swimming circle is a kind of plastic products, the execution is the inflatable water toys safety technical requirements, easy to damage, blowout, mainly as a auxiliary equipment of entertainment, are no substitute for life-saving equipment. The life buoy is a national mandatory standards, the ring body with polystyrene core material material, coated glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, clearly in the outer packing national mandatory standard and other specifications, can play the role of life saving. In addition, both the shape and the price is different, swim ring modelling diversity, design is rich, cheap, and ordinary life buoy the appearance, the price is higher, usually from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan. In our country the inflatable water toys safety technical requirements, make clear a regulation, inflatable water toys should be less than 100 mm from the valve prominently printed on permanent Chinese security tags. 'Note: this tag for the life-saving equipment, only for the use of shallow water under adult guardianship'. According to introducing, this product can't filling the gas cylinder used in high pressure gas or cheer, inflatable and use of also can't contact, don't close to the fire, cannot be used with the jet stream in the deep zone. But reporters found that there are few products in a strict and detailed annotation. Some parents to buy swim ring, careless or lazy blow, talk about good price, grabbed the businessman to go baggy exhibits. Inflatable pool at home placed special good, can need not to go outside and so much more crowded, you can play at home, there are a lot of inflatable products, before use must pack the inflated, there would be no air leakage.
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