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Katie salte met with the women who gave it to WI, who today celebrated the 100 th anniversary of WI, a thoroughly modern makeover from meetings in the bar to Funny nights-even though the cake never. .
Food is always going to the meeting.
For many branches, this means
Tea and shortbread in the Country Hall.
For darston\'s darling, this is red wine and chips from the Duke of Wellington bar in east London.
From the early 20 s to the early 60 s, the darling represents the modern face of WI . . . . . . But that doesn\'t mean they don\'t like part of the family --made cake.
Members of the committee, maighr é ad nelgan, Charlotte Hotham, briani Sheppard, Nina Smith, Sarah Waldie, and Emma Nicole, are all cooking together
This frugal baking started in 1941 and was originally made with marg, Camp coffee and no eggs.
This is one of the 100 recipes for contemporary transformation (
In this case, with icing and dark chocolate chips)
For WI recipes.
\"It looks a bit like a muffin, but it tastes like brownie-I like it,\" Sarah said when discussing wine and cake, where to buy inflatable guitars from House of Cards to the next fundraiser, everything.
This year, the Women\'s Association has reached £ 100 in size, and the new recipe is a celebration of the evolution of food in the organization and the UK.
Written and edited by Gourmet writer and WI member Mary Gwen, it contains from 1919 rose fruit jelly recipes to steamed coarse milk and venison steaks, then go to the 20-30-year-old chicken mousse made of lard, and the 50-year-old European cuisine, such as Spanish omelet and Italian risotto.
\"This book tells the story of the UK in the past 100 s.
This is a social history of women and diet, \"Gwen said.
Award-winning cake tips from WIIndeed, WI is food-centric from the start.
The first WI opened in Anglesey in September 1915 with the aim of bringing rural women together to encourage them to help produce food in times of severe shortages.
Since then, WI has played an important role in feeding and educating the UK: building food markets during the Great Depression and using government
In World War II, people issue sugar to produce 5,300 tons of jam and honey, and run campaigns on all issues ranging from childhood obesity to saving bees, sometimes even before they become popular
\"WI has always had soft power, which is a subtle influence,\" said darston Darlin Emma Nicol . \".
In her introduction to her 1977 book, \"Bread and Yeast cooking in the UK,\" Elizabeth David wrote: \"It is precisely because of Ms. WI\'s initiative that recipes have been kept, recorded and published ,\", she consulted old WI publications in many other sources.
It can be said that the biggest impact of WI is the preservation of traditional recipes and cooking methods through its many national and regional publications and cooking books, as well as the cooking school Denman in Oxfordshire.
In Dammam, WI members, including trustee Anne Harrison, baked a traditional afternoon tea for the 2013 G7 summit.
\"George OS had helped put the jam on the scones,\" said Annie . \".
When Mary Gwen started working on the new WI recipe, she planned to consult the official WI profile, however, as it was being transferred to the current home of the London School of Economics Women\'s Library, it encountered an obstacle.
So she went to WI\'s headquarters and looked through every issue of the WI magazine that has been published since 1919 (
Changed its name to WI Life in 2006).
She also collected more than 200 WI cooking books from the national and local federations.
\"Local food is vital because they are a record of the members cooking and eating,\" she said . \".
She made a phone call for contemporary recipes
On Facebook, it makes some gems such as delicious lemon pie from tea and pie, a newer WI in Huddersfield and more hilarious than jam and Jerusalem.
She also interviewed older members of her branch in East Sussex, including Daphne Thompson, who remembers eating chocolate cake (
The Dalston Darlings are having a big meal today.
Special occasions during the war
It was made with 3 ounces of margarine and sugar, a tablespoon of cocoa, no eggs and \"government\" milk powder to accommodate the ration allowance.
The original recipe was from Gwen\'s grandmother, but like many in the book, she made subtle updates to modern flavors.
Although Gwynn was finally able to look up the file, she had gone from the first onehand sources.
So how exactly does she decide which recipes will be cut?
\"It\'s like doing a weird puzzle because it has to be used as a recipe, but in chronological order to tell an interesting history,\" she said . \".
Gwen knew she wanted the signature cakes, scones and cookies that everyone was looking forward, but there are plenty of delicious dishes and dishes that reflect decades of change and fashion-whether it\'s avocado sauce in your 80 s or chocolate mousse in your 60 s.
The only limit is that they have to be delicious, so the \"pineapple brain\" is ruled out, which she encountered in a family and country show called \"Cooking with internal organs.
Food has historically been a social adhesive for WI.
Chatting on tea and cake helps to form friendship and new members are welcome.
\"I don\'t know what I would be like without WI,\" said Anne Harrison, a new person --
Married in 1966, make friends in her husband\'s village.
Traditionally, W Thani provided a way to meet farmers\' wives and women from remote rural families.
It is now performing the same functions for women in urban communities.
\"In London, it could be really isolated,\" said Dalston Darlin margread nirigan . \".
Charlotte Hotham said: \"The older you are, the more difficult it is to meet friends here . \" He helped set up the branch in 2010.
Dear ones don\'t bake cakes for meetings as most of them rush to the bar after a busy day at work.
\"Food is the way we raise money for charitable and group funds,\" Charlotte said . \".
It means from cheese and wine to baked cakes, from a face of Russell Brand to a book launch of his book, from fruit to a local night shelter, or on a cool holiday, run tea tents, such as field days or kings.
Last year\'s \"tea urn can stay forever,\" Sarah said, as crowds lined up for a cup of tea and a chocolate cake.
They have a funny dancer and a selfie booth in their tea shed.
However, despite the 2015 decoration, the Darling did not completely break the tradition.
\"We follow the meeting guidelines-everyone loves parish notifications and housekeeping, like how much money we raise,\" Charlotte said . \".
When they stuffed the chocolate cake in, some members admitted that they were most likely looking for a recipe through Google or Pinterest, but some had ordered a copy of the WI recipe, everyone likes its pink and gray covers.
The topic turned to Sarah\'s Sunday barbecue for her roommate.
She was nervous about the beef: \"My roast beef nemesis \".
Everyone inserted a hint: \"Bake It First \";
\"It\'s cheap to ask the butcher for the above \".
After all, the conversation is not much different from the conversation in the Country Hall.
In the coming 100, WI looks in good shape.
WI recipe by Mary Gibbon (
Aberry Press, £ 20)is out now.
To order p & p over £ 15, please call 0844 871 1514 or access the books. telegraph. co.
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