And friends to play with inflatable castle for a spring outing

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-13
Spring outing with friends to play with inflatable castle will slip suddenly spring, is grain rain of summer, summer come quietly. A few days ago rained continually, moderate rain or heavy rain, wash the, only sleep in the rain is the most beautiful thing. But on Wednesday is fine, the school to see the weather, on Wednesday, or streaming is rain this weekend. Spring outing destination country garden park, 1 is the little park is a good place to the sales floor, a beautiful environment, though, but too small too. Every weekend that there will be a variety of activities, and even 1 cents a eggs, provoked grandparents. Small yu also have been to several times, what little time barbecue festival, carnival and animals. Although have been to, but to go with students is particularly interesting. Small yu took my school on Tuesday he will go to the supermarket bought a lot of snacks, early in the morning on Wednesday, small yu breakfast eats like a bird, just for the package of snacks to belly? Around the school a lot of buses, traffic, not even photo opportunity. Pick them up at school at twelve and a half, each face rosy-cheeked, excitedly say this said that, listen to their said there are many games, and about what electricity horses in the park, inflatable castle, almost. Play very happy. Also good, small yu didn't litter, and take the trash back, all over the bag wrapping paper. Drank the mineral water also. For children this is the most happy spring outing. I also with small yu said I grade three spring outing, we go to climb mountains, wet soft yellow mud tripped we fell a lot, but all are very happy, also is the most unforgettable memories I have of a spring outing. Because I am carsick, spit. Spring outing to anqing university last year, this year spring outing to 1 park, next year I do not know to go spring outing, if go to scenic spots is too good, children's access to natural is much better than artificial scenery.
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