an abusive relationship

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When I first saw this amazing looking chunk on a sunny, sunny blue sky in spring, it was love at first sight!
Wearing two pieces of clothing
Its lines are stylish and exquisite, black and bright, and its unique fresh fragrance attracts me.
I took a bus and asked some questions about it.
The journey was smooth.
Many of its features are state-of-the-art.
I signed the document and brought it home to give it the best treatment, love and care I feel I can give it.
The relationship went well until one night when I drove home to the hospital to visit my sister, a cancer patient, the car started to lose momentum and I had to pull to the right side of the dimly lit road, call my husband to pick me up.
Luckily, my husband was able to drive the car home, but this is the first sign of the coming.
We drove to Key West for the weekend that summer.
The first night, when we drove back to the hotel from dinner, we were waiting for a change in the lights when the car suddenly closed.
My husband re-opened it and we drove back to the hotel without any problems.
The next day after that, when we drove back to Miami on the Overseas Highway, the car was accidentally closed and my husband had to continue to pull to the right side of the road and reopen the car.
We were lucky that it didn\'t happen when we drove over a bridge with no space to pull to the right.
It\'s painful for me.
I was very nervous at the thought of my car turning off on the road and thinking of someone hitting us.
Fortunately, my husband stayed calm and handled the situation as much as possible.
Not on the Florida Turnpike, but on the Palmetto Highway, we drove down the street, to help minimize the possibility of turning off cars when other cars are traveling at speeds of 60 and 70 miles per hour.
We found the dealer and later found a problem with the fuel pump.
I have a few cars in my life, but I have never had a car with this kind of problem.
The fuel pump was repaired, but it was expensive.
A year later, my radio stopped working.
Well, the radio seems to be connected to the rearview mirror, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
So none of this works.
The cost of fixing it is very high!
Again, this is the first time in my life that the radio in the car is broken.
I chose not to repair the radio. A J. D. Power (Dobrian, 2016)
The study found that \"technical problems continue to lead to long-term
Vehicle reliability.
Research shows that problems in vehicle audio, communication, entertainment and navigation (ACEN)
The system now accounts for 20% of all customers-
Problems reported \"(¶ 1).
If this is a consistent issue, why don\'t they fix it instead of passing it on to the consumer?
The next strike took place one year after the radio situation;
I received a letter from the company headquarters informing me of a safety recall of the Takata SDI frontal airbag inflator.
The letter states, \"Takata reports that if the vehicle is involved in a collision with the design deployment of the frontal airbag, the driver\'s frontal airbag inflator may break.
If the inflator breaks, metal debris may pass through the airbag gasket material, which may cause serious injury or death to the occupants of the vehicle \"(
Personal Communications, April 2016).
When I called the dealer to make an appointment, the service representative told me that at the time they did not carry out the replacement parts needed for the repair.
In this first letter, it was noted that they had no known incidents of airbag rupture worldwide.
A year later, on April 2017, I received another letter with a more serious tone.
It says, \"make an appointment with your authorized dealer to replace the Takata airbag inflator recalled in your car as soon as possible.
If a vehicle equipped with a recalled Takata airbag inflator collides when the airbag unfolds, the inflator may break and send shrapnel to everyone in the vehicle.
This defect has resulted in the death and serious injury of persons \"(
Personal Communications, April 2017).
As mentioned earlier, unlike the first letter, this letter does confirm that people were killed because of this problem.
In fact, an article by The Associated Press (2016)
Regarding Takata airbags, \"as many as five people in Malaysia may also be killed by airbags, bringing the number of deaths worldwide to 16 (¶ 1).
All this is very sad.
To solve this airbag problem, my car is scheduled to be brought in tomorrow.
In the meantime, when I was driving to work on the highway last Friday, I had to quickly Park in the emergency lane because my car seemed to be out of power.
Is it a fuel pump again?
I will find it tomorrow.
Just like in an abusive relationship, sacrificing and giving it another chance to see if things have improved, I \'ve been sticking to it faithfully.
However, having this car I totally fell in love with it because of its look, feel and smell, it was a very dangerous journey that could take my life away.
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