Amusement park how to build atmosphere, let the site popularity higher?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
Now, inside and outside of the stores area doorway amusement equipment, while brings a lot of happiness to children, but there are also health and safety hidden trouble. Citizens to Mr. Zhou with a 3 year old daughter, economic and technological development zone in a shopping mall in Texas children's amusement park, playing a cocked an equipment of the tin, child was cut. Amusement park management without any compensation.> inflatable castles, inflatable trampoline, large inflatable toys, inflatable toys, inflatable slide for small amusement equipment safety supervision and injury compensation problem, the reporter visited several small casinos in the city. Most businesses are not insured for the consumer, as long as the equipment no problem, generally regarded as the consumer's personal improper operation. And all children's entertainment facilities, surrounded mostly & other; The booth type & throughout; Management, brand and hidden, manufacturer is unknown, safety performance is not guaranteed. One industry source said, children's amusement equipment itself is a risk that, in addition to the hope that the safety regulation, as the guardian of the parents have to escort at any time, to avoid accidents. At the same time, due to the disinfection is not strict in order to avoid cross infection, stay away from & other; 3 without & throughout; Amusement equipment, try to choose standard management place. 1, indoor playground duty time slots music, songs, etc. , to vary over time, the volume is appropriate, pay attention to the broadcast time shoulds not be too long. Number 2, stadium roof can flying color only with ribbon helium balloons, balloon house online can use balloons into & other; Heart & throughout; Shape, balloons, stigma wall decoration balloon can foil atmosphere; 3, the space can be placed on only modelling cute plush, cartoon dolls, plastic ball and so on to visit for tourists; 4, entrance arch mouth he put the balloon column attract popularity, build festival atmosphere; 5, held regularly every Sunday & other; Throughout the weekend & happy; Activities, including television host human activities on the site, games, questions and answers, etc. , to give visitors to show small gift; 6, garden of the image is very important, staff uniforms; 7, the assistant to the tourists shall be filled with patience, reflect everywhere meticulous care. Recommended reading: children park management how to change
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