Amusement equipment water slides in production problems and solutions

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Amusement equipment water slides in selected gas production is mainly used for the original gas classification, essence of dewatering and block gas medium and other assignments. In the working process of the water slides also has certain problem, such as processing power, amplitude, air condition, bearings and other issues, specific to the analysis of the theoretical calculation of the water slides processing capacity is lower than the design value reason mainly has: the center of the water slides are not in the position of a constant, which makes the top unstable vibration sieve surface; Into the material if you don't even make a sieve unilateral stress is larger, the screen body appear affect material separation from side to side; As a result of chosen spring stiffness of different amplitude of the sieve will be less than design value; The installation Angle of the sieve different occasions have different Angle. Swimming pool is the amplitude of the sieve below the design requirements of parameter is affected by various factors, the amplitude of the sieve after put into production often can not meet the design requirements. Swimming pool low amplitude decreases sieve processing capacity; Amplitude is too high and will reduce the bearing seat, a sieve, bearing, the service life of the sill. Can be based on the inflatable castle live use appropriate changes to the quality of the eccentric or choose different stiffness of the spring to adjust the amplitude of the sieve swimming pool, to adapt to the needs of the production of the ax swimming pool. Also in the process of using ax pool screen surface go bad gas, open, stop instantly sieve swing and vibration, which affect the service life of assembling spring pool go bad air condition is often ax swimming pool vibration force produced by the eccentric force in Y— On the Y axis component can't through the sieve of center of gravity. Ax can be adjusted according to different parts of the walking gas through the location of the swimming pool eccentric, eccentric quality, or in the guarantee ax pool screening efficiency and capacity, under the condition of appropriate change amplitude of the sieve pool or inclination to solve.
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