alyque, advertising man of the century

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-22
A few years ago, when the Mumbai Advertising Club awarded the Alyque Padamsee \"century Advertiser\" award, there was no objection at all.
In fact, there is an overwhelming consensus on his choice of honor.
I attended the awards ceremony.
Padamsee is praised, loved, hugged, kissed, revered and deified as I have never done to anyone in an Indian ad before.
It is not only touching but overwhelming.
Alyque used to be, and will always be the highest person in India\'s advertising industry.
Padma in what in Alec in Cotton Bay mAd-
The man, the personality of the theater, the delightful raconteur: Alyque put on many hats throughout his life.
His dramatic work has been very successful, setting a new benchmark for British drama in India.
Padam also played the memorable role of Muhammad Ali Zhenna among Richard Attenborough\'s Oscar winners.
But it is Alyque Padamsee, sometimes referred to as the \"father of Indian advertising brands \"---
Advertising Genius, master of brand success-
This will remain the most enduring legacy of Alyque.
Padamsee created Lalitaji for surfing, Cherry Charlie for Sakura shoe oil, MRF muscle man, lirill girl in the waterfall, a beautiful brand for Kamasutra couple. . .
Hundreds of brands have benefited from Alyque\'s keen understanding of consumer insights and have made an indelible mark on their ads, making it memorable and impactful.
So how is Alyque differentHe first to be a performer in the heart.
This is what makes him different from his peers in Indian advertising.
His advertising activities, like his theatrical performances, have a strong feature: strong, memorable characters, deeply engraved in the minds of consumers.
Lalitaji or lirill girl: each of them represents the brand they represent.
In fact, Lalitaji and lirill girl are the soul of the brand for consumers;
The physical product is just a representation of the image that Alyque and his Lintas team have created.
Plus the story of Padamsee-telling skill.
Lalitaji is more than just a character.
She is a story herself.
Every conversation she had was remembered, and in fact the customer repeated it.
Like her creator, Lalitaji is not just a brand spokesperson, she is also a cult.
So is Hamara Bajaj.
The sexy lirill girl once again became a masterpiece of Padamsee.
Waterfall, music, half-nude-half-
Drenched girl, pure rapture of the shower and enjoy lifting the soap into a soap opera in 30 seconds!
Regarding the dimensions of Padamsee, less mentioned is his strong competitive power as an advertisementman.
At the end of 1980 Alyque, CEO of Lintas, began to compete with HTA, which would be 1988 or 1989now JWT)
Become the first choice for Indian advertising.
I was a young rookie at that time.
But I still remember the day when he announced that Lintas was number one in Billings, India.
HTA has many long faces.
There is debate, there is denial.
Before the HTA soared and returned to its first position, the debate remained open for years.
But Alek padamich proved his point.
What fascinated me was that despite his elegant education in South Mumbai, Alyque was able to think in vernacular.
Lalitaji or Karamchand or Hamara Bajaj or the need for fair and lovely products is clearly not born in the sacred environment of Gymkhana, Mumbai.
They are the output of the mind that observes, absorbs, analyzes, reinterprets and creates new ideas, new characters, new breakthroughs.
I have never had the privilege of working with Lintas and Alyque.
It will always be a pity.
But over the years, I know him very well. on-one.
I signed a joint venture with Dentsu many years ago and he wrote me a very good message and wished me a great deal in advertising --
Entrepreneurs say the advertising industry needs more spirit.
My last interaction with him was a warm hug after a show at Rael Padamsee;
We agreed to meet for lunch-in-digital. Alas!
Lunch never happened.
Alek padamish belongs to another era, another one.
In this era, customers like and respect their agency companies because what they are best at: creating great ads and building great brands.
Padamsee is the idol of that generation.
His genius is unparalleled.
His ability is unparalleled.
Alek padami
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