album review: gorillaz, humanz

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-23
The first high-profile political Album of the Donald Trump era will come from a group of fictional cartoon characters, which feels very appropriate.
On last November, the former reality TV star immediately predicted two things after winning the Victory: 1)
Music has been revalued as an effective and destructive tool of protest.
The end of the world.
After the first 100 days of the presidency, good or bad predictions have not been fulfilled.
Humanz, the cartoon pop band Gorillaz\'s first album in seven years, thinks there are both. Gorillaz co-
Creator and music planner Damon Albarn conceptualized the album as \"party music for the end of the world\", asking many guest singers to imagine a world in which Trump is responsible.
Unfortunately, you can call it prophecy.
After a brief introduction, the music begins with an extended drone of the siren --
A voice, familiar to those who throw their hands into the air, as those who rush into the air for life --raid shelter.
The center of the album is the perfect sound metaphor.
As Trump incites war on long-term wages
This is a fully effective response to his gas light, the Holy song of \"fake news\" and the deliberate dissemination of the wrong message.
But the real genius of this song and the other songs on Humanz is that if you just want to stand up and dance, you can ignore all of this.
The message may have started the party, but it never got in the way.
Albarn ensures this by editing any public political mention of his guest collaborators.
Unlike previous Gorillaz albums, although the concept of Humanz is bad, it is mostly optimistic.
De La Soul swipes on the crazy Momentz, and Andromeda is a delightful pop music --
When the crazy charger had Albarn in Grace Jones cackles, he passed on a crazy melody, \"I\'m the ghost behind him \".
This is not to say that their Moody depression or sentimental feelings do not exist at all.
For example, a separate turn of Albarn was called Busted and Blue, and what got me out was a plea from rapper Pusha T, \"tell me I\'m not going to die in the hands of the police \".
Elsewhere, the album gained some late-night advantage from two inviting floors --
She\'s my collar.
The most politically significant person is the Hallelujah currency, a distorted Gospel track that can recall both the vague warmth and the tenderness.
Here, the avant-garde deep clip male voice
Avant-garde singer Benjamin Clement, who reshaped Trump as a priest, was adamant about building \"walls like unicorns/walls of complete glory\" while insisting that \"this is love, this is the source of evil \".
But humans are not really about politics behind the end of the world.
It\'s about how humans react to it.
This makes the record a strange non.
Political and political album
The song imagines the present, future and last night on Earth.
This is a crazy voice for the club generation.
Here, Gorillaz turned the end of the world into an annual party event.
This makes Humanz the record to be reached when you really want to not have a party like tomorrow. Humanz (Parlophone)
Verdict: crazy music from the club generation.
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