airbag bike helmets may be safer than conventional foam versions

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-28
Palo Alto, California(Reuters)-
Researchers at Stanford University say the use of airbag technology rather than a traditional hard-soaked bicycle helmet could provide five times the protection of brain damage.
These inflatable helmets cannot be sold in the United States due to current federal regulations.
Two sets of test dummies, one wearing a standard helmet and the other wearing a dummy on the neck, when feeling a collision, inflate like an airbag and fall from a different height in the lab, to simulate a bicycle accident.
\"It\'s a big difference,\" says David Camarillo, a bioengineer at Stanford University . \".
Bicycle accidents are the main cause of sports.
Due to the large number of cyclists, there are related head injuries in the world.
According to Camarillo, the traditional helmet is designed to prevent fracture of the skull, but can not well prevent damage such as concussion, when neurons in the brain stretch due to the continuous impact in the accident, this may happen.
Airbag helmets are sold in parts of Europe and can often be successful in protecting the brain from the impact of the impact, but at risk because they may not be properly deployed.
\"You are actually more at risk of injury than a standard helmet,\" said Mehmet Kurk, another member of the research team that conducted the study.
If the airbag is delayed to unfold, the pressure may not be large enough to keep the head in contact with the ground.
\"The failure modes of these helmets will be different from the traditional bike helmets, but they may have a safer way,\" says Camarillo . \".
\"You have to consider relative risks.
\"Hovding, a Swedish company that built airbag helmets in Stanford research, said the technology it uses was well tested and safe.
However, Mario said. S.
The regulations do not reflect new studies on the risk of concussion and other brain injuries.
He added that the Consumer Product Safety Committee, which oversees bicycle helmets, did not even have a test method for the inflatable version.
So he did not expect the U. S.
Laws on bicycle helmets will change soon.
\"This may require action by Congress,\" he said . \".
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