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Air track for home use

Air track can only be used in the gym? No. Actually you could buy one in your own home. Now more and more families will buy for their kids. Inflate it and put it in the living room, backyard and outdoors on the grass. Whether it’s training, playing or family activities, you can do it anytime, anywhere.



Last year, we meet a client from the United Arab Emirates. He is 2 kids’ father. He said he wanted to buy an air track for family party, so we made an 8x2x0.2m air track for him.

Powerful Toys air track:

Material: 0.9mm durable PVC tarpaulin and Korea imported DWF materials are used, and the internal structure is brushed, having certain elasticity.

Structure: the edges are heat sealed very well, both sides with at least 2 handles, easy to move.

Safety: the material is non-toxic and is up to the authoritative certification standard.

Warranty: 2 years, along with excellent after-sales service.

OEM: your name and logo printing can be put on it.



When he received the air track, he’s very happy, because his dream came true! He posted it on Facebook and invited his relatives and friends to open party that day.

We believe you also want such a perfect air track! Contact us immediately!!  

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