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by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-29
Chennai: people have been in and out of the city since it opened last month.
Of course, it often happens when it\'s a trampoline park.
Now, as it becomes more and more popular in the city, the owner of the airline has decided to add a little \"air-
Experience obics.
\"Trampoline jumps and rebounds are growing around the world as a fashionable way of moving because the movement is gentle to the joints,\" said Mohammed Vasif of airborne.
\"So we plan to start our trampoline fitness course here next month.
We call these courses \"airburn \".
\"Wasif had more than 8,000 customers last month alone, the city planned more trampoline parks, and other cities in Tamil Nadu had inquiries similar to Coimbatore
They are also negotiating with a city, he added
Yoga instructor for Trampoline yoga class.
Over the past few years, thanks to the rising popularity of the rebound as a sport, trampoline parks have also emerged across the country.
In Gurgaon, for example, two people
A month-old skydiving player has attracted children and adults, encouraging center owner Jitender Chabbra to start thinking about fitness classes as well.
\"Parents came in and jumped with their children for more than an hour without realizing they were burning calories and having fun,\" Chhabra said . \".
So they decided to bring more fun to adults by including fitness classes.
\"Gymnastics is also important,\" he added . \"
\"The trampoline should be twice as large as jogging, with a 80% less impact on the joints.
\"This is one of the fastest ways to burn calories,\" Wasif said . \". A 10-
For example, minute training on a trampoline should burn about 45 calories on 70 kg people.
But, of course, the heavier you are, the more calories you consume when bouncing.
The elastic elements of the rebounds should also absorb most of the impact.
Sports doctor Dr. K. A. Thiagarajan said that jumping A trampoline is not A harmful sport but needs to be done under supervision.
\"We recommend it for athletes because it has various benefits,\" said Dr. Thiagarajan . \".
\"The unstable elastic surface helps to increase muscle strength and improve balance and coordination.
But amateur athletes can hurt their muscles if they exercise on an unsupervised trampoline.
\"For example, this may not be a good idea for people with arthritis.
\"They will be better in the case of static cycles or oval shapes,\" he said . \".
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