air canada near miss: picture shows how close planes came to crashing

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-16
The latest released data and photos show that last month, when an Air Canada plane stopped to avoid hitting a plane waiting on the San Francisco International Airport taxiway, the height of the plane was very low.
Air Canada pilots mistaken the taxiway for the runway next to it, and before stopping to try another landing, they flew the plane only 18 metres from the ground, according to information released by the National Transportation Safety Commission on Wednesday.
This is barely higher than the four planes on the taxiway when the late night incident occurred on July 7.
A pilot on a United Airlines plane informed air traffic controllers of the departure
Of course, when the crew of a Philippine Airlines jet turned on the landing lights of the plane at an apparent last minute --
Send a dangerous signal to Air Canada.
NTSB investigators say they have not yet identified the possible cause of the accident, which is only a few feet away from becoming one of the most serious disasters in aviation history.
\"It\'s too close, too close,\" said John Cox, a security adviser and retired pilot . \".
Investigators said that when Air Canada\'s aircraft approached the taxiway before midnight after taking off from Toronto, it was too far away from the runway and did not appear on the radar system used to prevent runway collisions.
These systems are not designed to find aircraft that line up to land on the taxiway --
This is rare especially for airline pilots.
But Ian Grego, a spokesman for the agency, said the FAA is making changes so they can.
Both pilots of Air Canada\'s Airbus A320 aircraft are very experienced.
The captain who is flying the plane has more than 20,000 hours of flight time,
The pilot has about 10,000 hours.
The pilot told investigators, \"they don\'t remember seeing the plane on the taxiway, but they felt something was wrong,\" NTSB said . \".
Investigators could not hear the captain and colleagues of Air Canada.
The pilots said to each other when the miscarriage landed, because when the plane made other flights, their conversation was recorded, starting in San Francisco. to-
Travel to Montreal the next morning
The recorder only needs to capture the last two hours of the flight time of the aircraft.
Air Canada spokesman Peter fitz Patrick declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.
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