Air bag for Urban Air Trampoline Park in USA

Air bag for Urban Air Trampoline Park in USA

Urban air trampoline park,as the leader indoor park in USA,have three branches in USA.

Cuz foam pit cubes are very hard to keep clean,cost more and need to spend a lot of time to maintain,so they choose air bag to replace traditional foam pit cubes directly.


It help them save more time,no need to clean up the foam pit again,no dust,no need to spend a lot of cost to replace the foam block.


Our first cooperation was in Nov,2015, at this time,they ordered three air bags directly:


3D design:(Watermarking)



3 pieces air bags for Urban Air Trampoline Park:



Feedback photo:




Our three air bags performed well,favor by the people.

After half a year,they open an new park,and customized one more air bag for their new park again:


3D design:(Watermarking)



Customized foam pit air bag for Urban Air Trampoline Park again:


(Watermarking is added to factory drawings and no watermarking is added to feedback drawings.)


Perfectly fit the foam pit: 


Thanks Urban Air trust us a lot. We are very happy that our air bags perform well,hope Urban Air open more branches,bring more fun to people:)


If you don’t want to use foam pit cubes again.

Provide us your foam pit size,we are happy to provide you with a solution.


Customize the air bag for your trampoline park now;)

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