after month-long penance, pune celebrates eid

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-06
Muslims commemorate the end of Ramzan\'s holy month with special prayers and various delicacies. After a month-
Through fasting, Eid, a long period of piety and body purificationul-
Fitr arrived on Wednesday, bringing joy and celebration.
The city is filled with the spirit of the festival, Muslim men go to the mosque for special morning prayers, and the ladies cook a series of food and candy for their guests at home.
On the day of the end of the holy month in Ramzan, the bungalow of businessman Haseeb Faquih was packed with relatives, neighbors and friends.
They visited their families by the way and wished them a \"Eid\" and enjoyed a delicious feast prepared by hashib\'s mother and wife, including lamb chops, chicken Shami kebabs, sevvvadas.
\"From the time I was young, Eid meant that the day was full of goodies and delicious dishes, and I was waiting for the day after a month of fasting.
My mother will start preparing from the day before Eid and in the morning.
My father will wake us up and take us to Idgah for Eid, \"said Haseeb, secretary and subtitle outdoor advertising partner at Captions is School, who now takes his children to the mosque to pray
His favorite is to negotiate with his children about Eidi, a tradition in which elders give money gifts to young people.
\"I made fun of them and said I would give them Eidi later, but they started asking immediately.
When giving them, they insist on asking less and asking more.
This kind of bargaining is interesting for them, \"explains Haseeb, and the auspicious moments for him are all about family relationships.
Nana pace residence in abbeda Inamdar, deputy
President of Maharashtra International Education AssociationMCES)
There\'s a steady stream of tourists and trays full of dried fruit
Warm sheerkhurmas constantly coming out of the kitchen for guests. “My daughter-in-
Law and I woke up at three o\'clock A. M. and took sheerkhurma out of 25 liters of milk.
Inamdar said: \"The time spent with her in the kitchen is also part of the celebration because we cook all the dishes while chatting, including chicken, lamb, sevvaiyyan,
She said Ramzan taught her the importance of herself.
Control and selfrestraint.
\"On this day, we have special prayers, put on new clothes, and ask for blessings for young Eddie to visit our elders home,\" she said . \".
They have more than 100 relatives and it is impossible to meet everyone at Eid because they also have to entertain guests, which is why they go to Eid Milan the next day.
Her husband, PA Inamdar, president of MCES, said technology has changed the way it celebrates Eid al-Fitr.
\"Well outside the station-
The Wish First buys a greeting card or writes a letter and then mail it.
Now we have hundreds of SMSes.
I used to take my children to the mosque,
Now I have their children with me.
We were in charity all month because we were forced to donate money.
We save 5% of our savings every year . \"
As part of zakat, Inamdar sent 200 saris to his village, Bijapur, who said the charity of mosques, orphanage and Islamic schools was also done by the family.
Son Yves Inamdar, co-founder of Ahura, and doctor is said to be the president of Christian Parvez Inamdar hospital with his wife, Dr. Rukaiya, had a meal with his own friends.
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