Aeration equipment need maintenance in winter

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-14
Basic with inflatable toys are production of plastic, rubber and so on, into the winter, products began to harden, then you need to aeration equipment maintenance and maintenance, so specific how should operate? 1, test after aeration equipment have no problem, clean, dry, Internal and talcum powder is equal to the desiccant) Folding packaging, placed in ventilation shade, pay attention to the rat, moth-proofing, away from flammable objects. 2, test no problem with the electrical equipment, after scouring the decontamination, the electrical equipment sealed packaging store in a cool ventilated place, 10 - The power 10-15 days 15 minutes. 3, the assembly equipment remove (according to the requirement First scouring the decontamination cleaning) And remove prohibited to forcibly remove, fold when packaging, drag, rap, etc. Inflatable toy is best for children to play, do not have to worry about knock against, injury, etc. , inflatable pool is to give their children every minute in the summer to create a clean and safe summer good place.
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