action park \'returns\' to sluggish summer, but media frenzy and warmer august helped

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-17
After all, it doesn\'t seem so bad in Action Park.
When Mountain Creek\'s water park opened this year for the first time in nearly 20 years using the name \"Action Park\", it received a lot of attention.
Newsweek, MTV, Forbes and local news stations are all reported (
In New Jersey, of course. com).
Corey Booker said on Twitter that he couldn\'t wait to go back.
Despite the fact that there is no change in the Park except to add some rides --
Mountain Creek Park, which has been in operation for decades as a water park, is one of the three \"areas\" of the original Action Park.
But the change in the name evokes the memory of freedom.
Fun and dangerous chaos. (
According to report only 1985 people have 110 people injured which 45 people head injured 10 people fracture.
Six people died in the park. )
Bill beniyan, president of Mountain Creek Resort, admitted that the name change was mainly marketing.
But the question of whether it works
It\'s hard to say. As the Star-
According to Ledger, visitors to Action Park and other water parks decreased during a cool summer in August.
Benneyan said the number of visits was 8 to 10% lower than he hoped.
But this week, beniyan said the end of the summer gave a gift to the Action Park --
Warm enough weather to increase attendance, and roughly the same as last year\'s attendance (
Although he did not provide specific attendance figures).
\"August is great,\" he said . \"
\"Even if it was the same as last year\'s visit, we ended from where we were.
This is a normal year.
I think most amusement parks have experienced the same thing.
When Benneyan and his business partners re-named their park, \"sit flat\" might not be what he wants.
They want to be immersed in nostalgia.
This is the legend of a place dubbed in Mashable and Dailymotion documentary \"The craziest amusement park ever\", a water slide home that completely reverses a huge loop for participants, this place, known as \"Traction Park\" and \"Collective Action Park\", has an unfortunate history, but is also respected for its wild western self-way.
Good time to drive.
Benneyan will not guess if the summer attendance rate will drop further if there is no concern for the name of Mountain Creek Action Park
If the heat of the media makes the cool weather effect disappear for the time being.
\"There is no denying that we have certainly received a lot of attention,\" he said . \".
But Benneyan said he met many attendees who thought the park had been closed a long time ago and were excited about the \"reopening\" of the Action Park.
\"Due to the media response, others have thought of the park for the first time in years.
He said that many participants did not know that there was an amusement park where they could control a lot of activities --
Swing on the water slide or on the Tarzan water.
\"The Action Park was very special in the past and now,\" Benneyan said . \"
\"Let\'s not be shy about it.
Let\'s admit that history, whether it\'s good or bad, some of them are 25 or older.
But it is it that makes this place what it is.
\"As Senior New Jersey media reported last week, the return of the name\" Action Park \"does not herald the return of its disastrous past --
It was not expected either.
Modern rides and more stringent national regulations make it unlikely that an amusement park will become an Action Park.
Whatever it\'s called-
It could be as dangerous as it was often thought decades ago.
26 people reported to the State Council\'s Community Affairs department this year were injured
It was mainly a minor injury that the riding participant was hit.
Some participants slipped before and after the ride instead of falling during the ride.
Some of the attendees were injured while trying stunts on the rides.
No death and no life
According to the data, there may be casualties.
Overall, however, 19 accidents were reported, up from 2013.
In 2012, the reporting rate of 70 accidents in the park rose sharply.
The damage caused by Hurricane Irene was caused by Spike park management and DCA.
In those three years, it was still significantly higher than the six reported in 2011 or the eight reported in 2010.
The current management of the park took over in 2012. Beniyan said that there may be differences between the current and past data reports.
The park has opened two new rides this year.
One is kick. a 45-
A ski-jump-like foot-water ski that shoots the rider into a huge airbag.
Benneyan said he wanted to drive such a car once 20 years ago, but there was no technology or material. The Zero-
G is considered a modern
The Daily answer to the old park shell cycle (
Slides for full vertical circulation).
A rider climbed 100
Tower under your feet, standing in the capsule
Wait for the trap door to disappear from below.
Then the rider slides through two cycles-
Not as vertical as a shell-
Before finally arriving at a controlled stop.
Beniyan hopes that the weather will warm up next year and there will be more people.
\"It\'s all about people telling people what the weather is going to do outside,\" he said . \".
\"If we could find some of our people in the morning weather report, we would have more stable crowds. \"Louis C.
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