academy 64 is silver heights’ self-defence centre

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-09
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As a resident of Silver Heights, how many times a month do we transfer from Portage Avenue to Mount Royal Avenue and take a casual look at the food or San Vito coffee shop while we cruise?
We can take a quick look and see the sign of college 64.
Defense and fitness studio on the second floor, wondering what business it is.
Obviously, I\'m curious myself.
Owner Garry Sawatzky and his team of coaches offer Brazilian jitters, Thai boxing (
Martial arts from Thailand), women’s self-
Defense and security training, for example.
Instead of advocating aggressive action, Gary and his mentor teach you how to deactivate unhealthy situations while knowing how to protect yourself if the situation requires it.
Physical confrontation is always the last resort.
Students are encouraged to range from 4 to 60 years of age and sign up for martial arts classes for your family.
Developing new mental and physical skills can be a fun and energetic way to spend time together.
Sawatzky played eight seasons in the Canadian Football League and Team B. C.
Lion, Winnipeg Blue Bomber and Toronto Argonauts are an ambitious entrepreneur that is a bit understatement as his next focus is to help people in the northern community, especially women and girls, get themselves
National defense knowledge and training. Self-
Self-confidence can be gained through self
This is very powerful for all of us.
The world doesn\'t seem to get easier, and sometimes we feel scared, but knowing how to protect ourselves and our loved ones can calm us down and bring us strength.
Sawatzky encourages interested people to come and have a look and maybe one night I\'ll look up and watch you kick-
Boxing with a proud smile on his face.
College 64 in 208-
Portage Ave 2281 kilometers. Call 204-330-
Team 64 @ live 9458 or email.
CaVirginia Sperl is a silver Highland community reporter.
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