'About purchasing' military tents, carefully is a scam!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
In the past two years, all kinds of news report so-and-so place as fire procurement fraud cases of military tents, scam trail thousands, hundreds of thousands. Police officers said: as firefighters to & other; In urgent need of tents & throughout; Name of the implementation of fraud, a liar have played for many years an old scam. Small make up a while ago there was a customer just reflect to me, say call him a stranger to buy military tents, the second day will find a liar, also avoided a good money. 。 。 。 。 。 Like this cheat will actively seek to claim to be XXX fire brigade for troops recently to the wild big tour to buy rice cooker, induction cooker and other products of that number and ask to quote ▼ after detailed chat. 。 。 。 。 。 Later said they will offer satisfied and said let men to contact the seller & other; If no accident, the business cooperation with you & throughout; ▼ in a few minutes a self-proclaimed fire brigade of the purchasing department personnel back purported so-and-so minister who was ordered to contact the seller to chat for a while, fraudsters (turn says the field drill exercises also need to purchase a large number of military tents ask sellers have the resources or access to the seller after said no this aspect of the way & other; Purchasing personnel throughout the &; Started talking about what they need tent is specially used to have a call someone from outside suppliers recently because offending fired leadership would not let him do the emergency situation, now can only purchase from him claims that forces is not convenient to contact the seller directly contact mrs. nikzad: let's wait and ask for help into the which he used to be in manufacturers of goods & other; Purchasing personnel throughout the &; Will have told the seller: never disclosed to the other party is their forces to buy tents ▼ once the phone with the so-called & other; Foreign suppliers & throughout; Contact & other; Supplier & throughout; He said this type of tent and spot, and number according to & other; Purchasing personnel throughout the &; Given the previous price is 6000 yuan a top and & other; Supplier & throughout; At this point in the recent market downturn hoarding large number of 500 yuan cheaper excuse to claim to the seller a normal circumstances of thinking everyone will feel accounted for cheap, pleasantly surprised in the middle of the price difference, can let oneself not much cash? So, after some bargaining. 。 。 。 。 。 Every top prices and place orders for drop 200 yuan ▼ hurriedly oral deal & other; Supplier & throughout; With money to account to delivery of the grounds for sellers to pay a certain margin ( For tens of thousands of commonly, according to the changes in the number of fraud scheme) After receiving the goods and then pay the balance payment this money, then open the floodgates. 。 。 。 。 。 Also were tricked into the rhythm of the success. 。 。 。 。 。 Liar will innovation, however, deceive paper will also progress in the past two years is different, the swindler who claimed to be acquaintances, because patsy to lose vigilance, step by step, finally into the cheater set a trap, lead to losses. On the above content is derived from an online: a: inflatable tent next up: the correct way of opening the next up: the world's most exotic flower of military tents, sleep a night to 70000, the fan
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