a very slippery slope! brilliant video sees group of bikini-clad girls flying off a diy slip \'n slide and crashing into a muddy pile

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-24
Who says kids can have a good time this summer?
Of course, it is not a group of noisy adults who have become famous online overnight after the video clip slides down --
Then fly right away-
A diy slide got more than 1 million views on Instagram.
34-year-old professional surfer Ian Walsh recently shared a series of videos on his account that revealed a DIY water slide in a secluded forest area in Hawaii, A group of friends took turns flying along the slippery slope.
More time.
Off route.
These videos have attracted millions of viewers, and reviewers like adrenaline --filled action.
Four different videos from Walsh show different groups of friends taking risks on the water slide.
It was a group of bikini at first.
The dressed woman walked down the slippery track.
This is the domino effect as the team starts to deviate from the course and head straight to the muddy pit next to the slope. A slow-
The clip\'s motion playback shows the ladies rolling down from the slide, slipping on the grass, turning over multiple times, and finally landing in a splash of shallow water pool.
In another video, three men tried to slide down the slide at an extremely fast speed with inflatable rafts.
The crew followed a woman who came by plane. head-first -
Slide down before your stomach
Pounce into the water.
In the last video, the slides get very slippery until the end, no one can continue playing.
Both of the people who tried to drive it flew away long before reaching the pool, one of them was not far from the runway, landing in a pile of bushes, completely disappearing from the field of view
Despite wine, water and high speed --
No one seems to be injured on the extreme track, and everyone can hear laughter and cheers from other riders.
Hawaii may soon be called a secret slide;
In Honolulu, a 30-
Story waterfall after completing two
An hour of hiking, and just 16 miles from Oahu, residents have turned the tarps of the reservoir into a stimulus --
Paradise for seekers
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