A holiday and the children play with inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-21
This time activity is one by one, the rounds, blended on Friday ushered in the annual school campus activities, no class, 4 - in the afternoon At half past seven, fruit daddy also sign up to do an hour of volunteers. Blended schools last year had a similar activities, we go to the night, blended basic blunt inflatable trampoline in the jumping along while, inflatable trampoline and blended like the painted face. We got to school half past three, people still have a lot, good parking, went to the activities on the playground and talk to the playground in the school the end of middle school, blended in front of the class, each have activities, we also haven't been there, to just know, the playground is very big, really a football field is the same as the standard, but is so natural, pure grass. This is the activity of each class has a different theme, scattered around in the playground, there are several food car, selling fast food drinks and ice cream, such as adult children eat and drink can be solved. There are performances, from 4 PM until 7 PM, in a space, outside the playground we see part of blended prefers to play the games on the playground. Ready to say the first blended class activities, are associated with apple, a there is a class of apple trees in the picture, red name became a fruit, hung on in a prominent place, eat all kinds of apples, taste the flavor, and hot apple cider, these are the teacher, with parents help, such as to buy apple, buy cups, buy juice, volunteering is email ahead of time, and the form is put in the door of the classroom, parents are optional and registration. Basic with small gifts, all sorts of games are not very valuable, but, like children, like lollipops, pencil, eraser, cars, plastic equipment what Halloween. Temperature less than ten degrees that day, but in the afternoon sun is surprisingly good, some children wear short-sleeved, even in the evening, the temperature will drop a lot, not cold, are we ready to fully, and then watched the students sing ricochet wonderful performances, finally mix dance teachers in school full in the end, and a long dance, put various kinds of classic dance shows, of course have a known riding dance, all activities until after leaving school.
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