a guide on how to turn off windows defender in xp, vista and windows 7

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-07
Windows Defender in XP, Vista and Windows 7 free defense
Microsoft\'s spyware is installed and enabled in Windows 7 and Vista by default.
Window guard
Access Protection for spyware, adware, and other malware.
XP users can also take advantage of free-
Spy the software by manually installing the program.
Before installing Windows Defender in an XP computer, verification of genuine Windows software is the only requirement.
If you are having problems using Windows Defender, you can disable real-
Time protection without removing or closing the counterspyware.
How to turn off Real for Windows Defender-
Time protected windows 7 users can disable live
Use these steps to do time protection for Windows Defender: for XP and Vista users, disable Windows Defender by using these steps: Using the above steps will only disable livetime or on-
Access Protection for Windows Defender, which means that the user does not receive a prompt when a malware is found.
Also, more scans will not be scheduled to run using Windows Defender.
You can still run on-using Windows Defender-demand scan.
If you want to completely turn off Windows Defender in Windows 7, use the following steps: Vista and XP users can also turn off Windows Defender: When you close the Windows Defender Program, the program will show the confirmation that the program is now closed: by closing the real-of Windows Defender-
Time protection, no longer scheduled to run scan, can no longer run on-
Scan requirements using Windows Defender.
It does not receive updates due to program shutdown.
Some anti-virus or anti-spyware programs will shut down Windows Defender, such as Microsoft security software, anti-spyware, or VIP re for Sunbelt.
Other antivirus programs will advise you to turn off Windows Defender; e. g.
AntiVir red umbrella.
Use local group policy to close Windows DefenderWindows 7 and Vista users who can access the group policy editor can also manage Windows Defender. Type gpedit.
Run in Windows or msc in the search box, then click enter on the keyboard.
Navigate to the Local Group Policy Editor> Local Computer Policy> computer configuration> Management Template> Windows components> Windows Defender.
In the right pane, double-
Click Close Windows Defender and Select Enable to enable policy.
Windows XP users will not see the management template for Windows Defender because the program is not included in XP, but you can install the management template so you can manage it as well.
Just type gpedit.
Run the msc in the command in XP and click OK \".
Navigate to the Local Group Policy Editor> Local Computer Policy> computer configuration.
Select Manage templates, click action in the menu bar, hover over all tasks, and click add/remove templates \".
Click the Add button and browse through Windows Defender.
C: \\ adm in the Windows \\ inf directory.
Select Windows Defender.
Then click open \".
Close the add/remove templates window.
Now you should be able to see the admin template for Windows Defender in XP and you can start the admin program.
Note that the group policy editor cannot be accessed in the main version of Windows.
You can only close the Windows Defender program or its real-
Provide time protection through program options.
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