a giant inflatable intestine went missing. the stolen colon is back, but mystery remains.

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-19
Residents of Kansas City, Missouri have been a mystery.
, Spent ten days on the edge of their seat: who, pray to tell you, who would want to steal a 10-foot-by-10-foot, 150-
Pink inflatable intestines, shaped like an arch, offering colonoscopy for hiking?
But earlier this month, someone stole it, which triggered a police investigation, a concise stolenchashtag, a large number of bathroom jokes and requests for answers.
This huge inflatable colon, which was used to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, quickly became a social media sensation and gained a relaxed break from the news of violence and political division.
Late Monday afternoon, a sense of relief swept through the Midwest, even further afield.
The Kansas City Police Department announced on Twitter: \"We have recovered the stolen colon . \" Ended the suspense.
Mysterious events began on October.
18, when the inflatable colon is found on a truck in the driveway, it is preserved before breast cancer awareness activity.
It disappeared overnight, said Stacie Moody, director of activities in Kansas City, Missouri.
, Get a chapter of your rear gear and raise awareness of colorectal cancer through the annual 5 k race.
\"Next I know someone created a tag for it,\" she said . \"
Moody\'s group raised money for the inflatable colon.
Then there is an inevitable pun.
\"Does anyone know the scope of the crime?
Reporter Katie courick said on Twitter.
\"Hope will not hinder justice.
We need to figure out what\'s happening here and find out the truth.
According to the Kansas City Star, the $1,000 reward for information led to the return of Cologne, worth $4,000. A fund-
According to the Colon Cancer Alliance, an organization that raises awareness of colorectal cancer, raiser has raised more than $11,000 to replace it, enough to buy two new inflatable toys, encourage the screening and coordination of your rear in the gear race.
\"Even if the replacement is coming, we still want our stolen colon to be returned,\" the organization said on its website . \".
\"We would like to hear all the stories it tells, then bathe it, provide any repairs needed, and put it back on the road to raise awareness of colon cancer screening, save more lives!
\"Finally, on Monday afternoon, the police reported an interruption in the case.
\"Thanks to tips, officials found huge inflatable intestines in a vacant house,\" the department said . \".
The University of Kansas Cancer Center, which normally stores the colon, has released a jubilant press release titled, \"Discover the stolen colon!
\"There is finally some good news in the world,\" one person wrote on Twitter . \".
\"Our national nightmare is finally over!
\"Another announcement.
But part of it has not yet been solved: who stole it?
No arrests had been made as of Monday night.
In any case, Ms.
Moody\'s said her organization did not intend to file charges. (
It is not clear whether anyone will be rewarded. )
\"To be honest, it\'s kind of like a colon cancer lottery for us,\" she said . \" She noted that the case raised more awareness than the inflation itself.
Widespread concern has led some to suspect that the theft was an insider. er, inside —job.
\"It\'s not us, I promise,\" she said.
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