'A follower' what is it? In fact it is the wild swimming must!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-23
Summer comes, we will be together with family, or friends and go to the water cool and refreshing. But at the same time, frequent drowning event. Hear is the wild swimming. In fact in the wild swimming must remember to bring a follower, perhaps dangerous, can save! Today is to talk about the same thing with you! A follower ( Lifesaving float) Is actually a balloon left left left (orange ☄ ⊙ω⊙) ☄ The lifesaving float is fina and China YongXie specified survival equipment, adopted the design of the dual airbags, will not affect the swimmers to swim, and safer than life buoy. With long ribbons tied to a user's waist, image by people called 'copycat' on the use of more convenient, the length of the tape is very good control, it is not easy to be taken. And 'copycat' color striking, in the water can be used as a rescue. Is carried in heels in open water swimming enthusiasts will bring the equipment, can prevent a lot of swimming accident. 1. Can play a warning role. Colourful, can prevent and boating accident. 2. You can have the effect of self-help. One thousand body accident when swimming, or leg cramps, can save his life, rest, waiting for further help. 3. Can have the effect of rescue. Once I met YongYou need help, will own a follower in a timely manner, for YongYou, can have the effect of rescue. 4. Can do to support in physical strength is insufficient. Wear heels to swim in river, lake, reservoir, tired, but have a rest in my heels and rest again tired again, make the swimmer quickly improve tour. Faults may leak, too tired, not easy to catch, floods, easy to entangle floating bamboo, branches, ship anchor cable ( Rope) And so on, and not easy to release; Save, can't timely scuba diving, swimming in the deep, swimmers after sinking, generally the rescuer for latent do not exactly and give up. The practice for several practical usage of floating ball when swimming hold when swimming circle on her back easily not tired if you to more safe and more at ease you can be tied to a two copycat hope to help you love swimming! YongYou says copycat warning and psychological implications is greater than the actual effect. I bought a few yuan, can put some little thing, very convenient. The small size can provide enough buoyancy of adults, but this is only for itself can swim, a fair knowledge of floating. Can't swim, don't float, or no master balance, the effect will be very poor. Check before using the airtight case, be careful not to let the sharp object injury after launching, pay attention to the rope don't entangle the body cause panic. Swimming is not absolutely safe, keep best outing effort, don't swim too exhausted, heels, after all, not a life preserver.
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