a crying toddler, a flying tub of popcorn, and a ‘last jedi’ screening that led to arrests

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-10
We have all been there.
Someone speaks while watching a movie in the cinema.
When everyone is waiting for someone else to face the criminal, the sigh is filled.
But most people let a month-year-old girl slide.
Police say this is not the case with Keri Karman, who is accused of raining popcorn and an empty tubon kid at AMC Cinema in lewitown, Long Island.
After an investigation on January, she and her father were arrested on Friday.
The New York Post reported two incidents.
The incident ran counter to PG\'s screening.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie in itself, causing considerable debate and discussion in the response to the split.
According to The Post, 28-year-old Celia Riggs sat in her seat with her husband Scott and three children to watch the film. Her 2-year-
Police say the old daughter asked for some popcorn and the 25-year-old Kaman told the girl to be quiet.
The ANassau county police station incident summary referred to Karman, saying that the Riggs \"asked unidentified women not to speak to their daughters \".
\"All she said was popcorn \'.
Riggs, 28, told the New York Post that she didn\'t even say a complete word.
Then it gets ugly, authorities say.
Karman allegedly began to curse the girl and the Riggs and put his hand in the child\'s mouth.
Then Kaman used popcorn to shower the girl and hit her in an empty container.
Then, when Riggs\'s daughter was crying, Kaman ran away with her father Charles.
Authorities say the girl was dampened in the incident.
The police did not provide further details about the arrest, including why the couple was arrested two months after the screening.
Police spokesman Jean Deluca Scalone did not respond to a request for further details.
According to police, camans was charged with endangering the welfare of children, a minor offence in New York and issued a ticket to appear in court.
Keri and Charles Karman, 61, could not be reached for comment.
Riggs declined to be interviewed by The Washington Post.
Keri\'s friend Abby Levitt Ferrara defended her on Facebook, saying the charge was made out of character.
\"It\'s a pity that you didn\'t hear the real story! !
When asked to silence the child, the mother pushed Keri and the popcorn flew out, \"Ferrara wrote according to the New York Post.
\"Keri never raised his hand in any way. . .
There is no aggressive bone in Keri\'s body.
Riggs objected to the newspaper\'s statement, denying that she had pushed Kaman.
\"No one else complained about her.
\"If she\'s a screaming monster kid, what other people might say, someone will take her out between the adults who are with her,\" she said . \".
She was lying on a bed in Miami when an inflatable raft crashed into her room. Blame Canada.
When her child was at home, she disappeared from the driveway.
The police found her body in the woods.
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