A classic case: the essence of zhengzhou power opened the first Beijing Olympic beach swims festival joy

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
To paddle to paddle the Olympic park construction completion of the Olympic park project a total to paddle to paddle in the Olympic park construction site of the Olympic park case show & other; To paddle the Olympic park, the bird's nest beside the ocean beaches & throughout; To paddle to paddle beach section area is divided into the adult and children, with many paddle pool, 40 cm to 120 cm depth range, can meet the needs of multiple age groups of tourists. Paddle paradise installed five large slide, one of the biggest & other; Tap the slide & throughout; 54 meters long, can let visitors experience & other; Surging ahead & throughout; The fun. In addition, the organizing committee will also every day organization & other; Water-sprinkling festival & throughout; Splash between activities, visitors can enjoy the cool, experience the dai people form of entertainment. To paddle in addition to water sports, beach section also specially set up a 4000 - square - meter beach, sand bed about 50 centimeters thick, visitors can heartily pile of sand, and a base fort here, can also play beach volleyball, beach soccer and other sports. Part of the beach area is located in natural shade, need not go to the seaside can also enjoy the relaxed and full of summer on the beach. The committee would hold & other organizations every day; The sand treasure & throughout; &ldquo,; Beach sports & throughout; And other activities, very suitable for family travel together, parent-child activities. Rich water entertainment facilities, barbecue snacks from soup to nuts to paddle beach section also introduced the rich water entertainment facilities, a thrilling clamp, electric young, hand ship, moon, water trampoline, water birds, octopus, spinning top, etc. , can let visitors experience the super cool paddle. Beijing television reporters to paddle in the Olympic park on-site interview bathing a dip in the sea, and then took a nap on the beach for a while and play tired, the event has a food court, all kinds of seafood BBQ, snack beer is enough to fill the stomach, more supply all kinds of ice drink. In addition, the activity field is equipped with showers, dressing rooms and other supporting facilities, visitors can enjoy one-stop easy to paddle beach fun. World will be the world's largest mobile water, high quality, high safety and operation experience of more than 10 years of mobile swimming pool products to China, and in the overall functionality of a mobile water park design, image planning, product form a complete set of service standardization aspects of continuous efforts, innovation, and aims to create both security, entertainment, easy tear open outfit, portable water park, in order to promote water park, the establishment and development of enterprise in China, to paddle to the joy of become more easy to popularize and close to the masses. Yutong amusement equipment co. , LTD. Is located in the city in the eighteen river industrial zone, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient. Is one specialized is engaged in children's amusement equipment, large inflatable toys, water leisure sports products, inflatable advertising media and happy rushed off of such equipment development and production and sales enterprises. “ People-oriented science and technology, innovation leads the market & throughout; Is the consistent pursuit of goals, & other Build safe amusement, make credit amusement & throughout; Is the same business philosophy, a new concept brought a new children's happiness heaven and earth! Synchronize with the world of children's playground! With rich design experience, we not only selected for the children safe and comfortable material, the more they provide full of novelty of rich and colorful game category. Product every detail through the humanized design, safety, environmental protection, color soft, and the products are constantly tested improvement, all products comply with European safety standards. My company's products to subvert the disadvantages of passive entertainment games, into the characteristics of early childhood education, inject new game mode and a variety of interactive games activities independently, children can feel in the heaven and earth that belongs to oneself completely, to discover and explore. Independent games for children's performance and to create opportunities, make children get rid of the reliance and parent and have a broad space for imagination, explore and create. Independent games and interactive games, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere to eliminate child timid, tension and the distance between with others, make more proactive to exchanges and cooperation between partners, shaping of children and optimistic character, for they lay a good foundation for healthy growth. “ Using high-tech, sensory education with scientific combining advanced game theme, let the children play high school, learn to play, to make them in a secure and harmonious atmosphere throughout & growing up healthy and happy; Amusement is the overall design concept, different categories of games project, can bring the fun of different to different characteristics of children, so as to create for them to build a wonderful world of fun! We would like to first-class management, first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service innovation, hand in hand with customers and common development
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