a chinese company in india, stumbling over a culture

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SHINDE, India —
When a Chinese truck company wants to open a factory in India, its president looks at the mountains behind it and the river ahead --
Especially auspicious places in traditional feng shui.
Beiqi Futian motor company found a seemingly ideal place in the village of western India, covering an area of 250 acres.
Fukuda hopes to build another 1,250-acre industrial park nearby for suppliers.
But the mountains here are sacred to many Hindus.
For at least 2,000 years, caves on the edge of the cliff have been home to generations of monks.
It is said that one of the most respected Hindu Saints won the pure vision of his God during the 17th-century meditation in the highest cave, overlooking the present Futian site.
Cultural conflicts erupted immediately.
Futian with an inverted hook
Use barbed wire and uniformed guards to prevent intruders.
Cattle ranchers and Hindu pilgrims trampled the fence many times.
The monks did not want noisy neighbors.
\"Spirituality and science are both important in today\'s life, and one should not deny the other,\" Monk Kailash Nemead said while chanting religious poetry.
\"But this factory should not come here because it will destroy the spirituality of the mountain.
Chinese companies have begun ambitious overseas expansion efforts to snap up land in dozens of countries and build factories, industrial parks, power plants and other businesses.
While these investments provide key support for many economies, Chinese companies struggle to move forward in complex cultural, political and competitive dynamics.
China\'s huge overseas spending has helped it replace the US and Europe as the leading financial force in most parts of the developing world.
China\'s economy has slowed this year, its stock market has plunged and its currency has depreciated, which has not deterred Chinese companies.
As the attractiveness of the domestic market declines, many have accelerated global change.
However, Chinese enterprises lack the experience of Western enterprises to develop international operations for decades.
Since the business of Chinese enterprises is mainly established at home, they do not have to deal with the same challenges.
In China, companies with close ties to the Communist Party can flatten communities and religious sites.
The Chinese government banned independent trade unions.
While strikes and other labor protests are becoming more common, the government will soon suppress them if there are signs of contagion.
Chinese companies are facing a wave of resistance as they invest overseas.
Chinese workers in Africa
Workers operating oil fields and copper mines went on strike because of low wages and dangerous working conditions.
Myanmar\'s government stopped China from building a hydropower dam there after protesting environmental damage and the displacement of villagers.
In Nicaragua, residents boycotted a village resettlement plan proposed by a Chinese businessman to make way for the canal.
In India, Fukuda\'s experience provides a perspective on the internal struggles faced by countries.
India urgently needs external investment to support the entry of 13 million young people into the labor market every year and to start alleviating long-term unemployment in rural areas.
Thousands of jobs have been created in Indian and Western factories within miles of the Foton site.
Western companies are trying to be more cautious in India and in some cases learn from past mistakes.
They work closely with the community to explain their projects to the residents.
These companies usually send out executive teams with overseas experience.
Fukuda defended his plan.
The company says its factory and supplier park will create
Economic growth is needed.
Zhao Jingguang, executive vice president of Futian, said: \"Because of these projects, the employment of thousands or even tens of thousands of people will be completed . \".
However, Futian has been revising the production plan and delaying the construction.
Due to the stagnation of the project, the promised work has not yet been achieved.
Fukuda\'s corporate style has also caused friction.
The company manages the project mainly from Beijing, sending two executives to Indiaweek visits.
When Fukuda\'s Indian managers need to work with the headquarters, they will sit in a video conference for a few hours, and Chinese executives often talk in Chinese. Mr.
Zhao denied that the company had chosen the site for its feng shui, which the Chinese government condemned as superstition.
Still, he admits that \"there is a river that should be good feng shui.
But land transactions are not harmonious.
The regulations required the factory to be at least 500 metres from the temple, preventing half of the site construction in Futian.
A national agency is also 15-yard-
The wide dirt passage helps pilgrims reach the trail leading to the cave.
Many villagers and monks said the factory would be closed despite efforts by Fukuda.
During religious festivals, the number of pilgrims exceeded 5,000, only half
A tent on an acre. Sitting cross-
Pink legs
The leader of Munks, a Hindu saint named visvanat Malaj, listened carefully when asked what he thought of the Fukuda plan.
But he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders and remained like a 35-year-old.
A year of silence.
A year ago, when Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in India for a visit, he was greeted at every stop by glittering military honor guards, including a row of headscarves riding horses. Mr.
Xi Jinping and his host Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi smiled and several delegates and executives exchanged more than a dozen business and cultural agreements with each other.
One of the agreements required the establishment of a supplier park where Futian would rent the site to a Chinese parts manufacturer.
Both China and India want to strengthen economic ties between the two countries, despite the military\'s vigilance against each other.
The $0. 3 billion Futian project, including factories and industrial parks, is one of China\'s biggest investments in India.
\"Your vision can\'t be too small . \"Zhao said.
\"Now, people say you have to have an international perspective.
Led by the United States, Japan, Europe and other large economies, Chinese companies are expanding overseas to find new customers, markets and opportunities.
10 years ago, China bought only $20 billion of companies, land, equipment and other physical assets overseas each year.
China\'s foreign exchange reserves totaled $120 billion last year.
It is only behind the United States, where overseas investment is largely aimed at limiting taxes.
Pune and its surrounding areas have long been the center of foreign investment, and their industrial roots can be traced back to an arms factory built under British rule in 1869.
Now, Chevrolets, Mercedes-Benz, Mahindras, and other cars are produced by large assembly plants.
Corning factory for fiber productionoptic cables.
A General Electric plant produces wind turbines.
For Fukuda, India offers cheaper labor than India, and the product market is strong.
India\'s position between Southeast Asia and Africa also provides a natural supply hub for other developing markets.
Even without a supplier park, Fukuda leased the area\'s largest 250 acres in 95 years. Corning, G. E.
The factory area in other places nearby is less than 100 acres.
The Bridgestone tire factory covers an area of 185 acres.
In Sindh, speculators raised the price of the land, expecting the state government to buy the land and rent it to Futian.
But many villagers opposed the sale because the deal would eliminate most of the remaining farmland.
Kaluram Kendale, which grows onions and raises buffalo, does not want to sell.
He was upset that the state had forced him to sell five of the 12 acres his family had cultivated for generations.
\"If I sell the land, it\'s a piece --
\"Time is money,\" he said.
\"But my land is beautiful and fertile, and it\'s a permanent source of income for my family.
Chhaya Shinde grew up in the mud
Walled sharecroper\'s cottage has dirt floors and is a star student learning to read and write Marathi in Hindi and local languages.
Her father is different from most of the people in her poor hamlet and he wants his daughter to be educated.
He pays her $16 a year.
Go to a school in a nearby village.
She dreams of becoming a social worker who helps the elderly. Ms.
After Futian entered the city, Sindh\'s education was over.
When the land owner is paid for their land, there is nothing in sharecroppers. Ms.
Sindh\'s father, a farmer of millet, lost a lot of income. Ms.
Sindh had to drop out of school a year ago.
A tearful lady said, \"I don\'t have any money . \"Shinde, 18.
\"I was at home so I had to get married.
\"Since the arrival of Futian, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened.
The order, who owns the land lady
Sindh\'s family raised half of their 58-acre land and sold it to Futian and two other factories.
With the proceeds, they built a 10-
Bedroom villa with large courtyard and fish pond.
\"It\'s good for rich people because they can buy a lot of things,\" said Vijay pandemand, 28 . \".
\"But it\'s not good for the poor.
Where will they work?
When Suresh Ghanwat sold the land, he invested part of the money in three
High rise apartment building, top floor and ground floor for rent.
He also built a concrete.
Profits of $80 a day were realized.
But many families are like
Survive in a crowded, dark cabin.
India\'s laws on land transactions have developed quite generously.
A national standard that requires compensation for tenant farmers and landowners.
However, in order to qualify, they need to live on the land or record such arrangements in the official log. Ms.
Neither did Sindh\'s family. Ms.
Shinde is wearing a pair of simple hairpins to suppress her dark hair and slim gold bracelets around each wrist and ankle, and now she works part-time on the rest of the pan Mande family
\"I wish they had never been here,\" she said . \"
Cut pearl millet with a sickle.
\"Those who are rich become richer, and the poor become poorer.
\"Three years ago, when Futian bought the land here, the young eight-treasure tree sprouted as soon as the farmers left.
Today, there are about 12,000 websites in Futian.
A widely hated plant with two --inch thorns.
Their height is as high as 10 feet, making the tree protection regulations work.
When Fukuda finally started construction, it had to get permission from the forestry department to cut down the trees.
According to five former executives, with the boom in the babble tree, Fukuda\'s leadership is suffering from what to build.
The original plan required heavy welding, reloading and re-coatingduty trucks.
The plan is to turn to manufacturing delivery trucks and then assemble sport utility vehicles and cars.
At that time, there were already four presidents and at least three executive vice presidents in Fukuda\'s Indian business. Mr.
Zhao of Fukuda said the company hopes to start building factories early next year.
It is likely that the first car will not go offline until at least 2017 kilometers.
The supplier park looks uncertain.
Both the Beijing government and New Delhi authorities believe the agreement is important.
But Mr Fukuda did not get the support of local bureaucrats, and a civil servant in Mumbai could eventually destroy the project.
Maharashtra Industrial Development has to approve the deal.
The agency\'s chief executive, Bhushan rani, expressed resistance on the grounds that there was insufficient farmland and earlier disputes with families like ganwat.
He wants to drive the supplier\'s park further inland, where unemployment is higher and there is plenty of farmland.
But alternative locations need to supply parts that trucks carry for hours. Foton, Mr.
No one even sent to see them, said Gagrani.
Indian Prime Minister accompanied by Entourage
Travel in ChinaMay.
Chinese officials have again put pressure on Futian supplier park.
But an agreement may not be reached now.
Foxconn, a Taiwanese OEM, has decided to set up a mobile phone factory nearby.
Foxconn directly negotiated an agreement with the state government.
\"Any land left ,\"
\"We\'re going to give it to Foxconn,\" Gagrani said.
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