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8 spas around the world where design truly matters

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-02
Skincare experts are putting as much energy and resources as possible into the design of their luxurious skin clinics and spas, just like their product line.
There are eight brands with innovative lighting design, natural materials and custom furniture --
Not to mention the art collection of planning.
Help create design in new ways
Forward space for their customers.
Shani Darton, the skincare guru behind Jessica Alba, Chris Tegan and Rosie Huntington faces --
Whitley, her location at the first independent skin clinic in Los Angeles is very important. (
Previously, the beauty and skin care entrepreneur worked in her hostel)
\"I want it to be the center of most of my clients, but still private,\" Darden explained . \".
\"After a long search, I found something good with bones, but it needs to be completely destroyed and reimagined.
\"She turned to her good friend Jack Arnold, an interior designer who also works at her home to renovate the interior design of Beverly Hills.
\"I know that Jack is the one who is able to put my ideas into practice and he has done a fantastic job of introducing elements that reflect my personality.
There are four nursing rooms (
There\'s a house for her.
LED light body bed)
The goal of the large reception area is to create a peaceful and peaceful space.
\"Jack\'s inspiration comes from European emotions, especially those in Belgium, because they use a lot of natural raw materials,\" explains Darden . \".
\"The mix of clean lines and polished finishes is inspired by Vincent Van Dusen.
\"The amazing elements of the Calacatta Viola reception and bathroom sink as well as the custom fountain at the entrance provide an amazing factor while the lime-
The washed, dusty rose walls, arches and bleached wood floors add organic texture elements.
Darden\'s flagship product, the retina reform serum, displays purchases along with her other place name products in the fashion reception area.
Beverly Hills, California;
For appointments and information, please book @ shanidarden by email. com Dr.
Dr. Barbara Sturm, a professional skincare expert
Barbarbarasturm is looking for a permanent New York City residence to showcase her beloved product line and cutting
Edge facial care, stumbled across the historic zero Bond Street building in NoHo. With 18-foot-
High ceiling and 1,300 square feet, brick-
The walled space features architectural arches, giving a lofty sense of industry.
Space by German architect freias Freytag (
Who happens to be a doctor. Brother of Sturm)
There is a custom fountain at the entrance where guests can wash their hands and try out Barbara Sturm molecular cosmetic products and two treatment rooms.
\"I decided to try a permanent space, not only facial care, but also an opportunity for education and shopping across the spectrum,\" says duseldorf . \"based Dr. Sturm.
\"I want a comfortable and stylish look, and it\'s important for me that the space has the right contrast without wear and tear,\" said Dr. Sturm.
The matte walls offset the shiny white epoxy floor, the color palette of white and dirt, the brass finish and the hidden light fixtures, adding a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
The Spa services offered include six facial treatments designed specifically for the location (a Super Anti-
The famous 45-year-old facial aging
Minutes instantly Glow Face, men\'s face, clear face, bright face and dark complexion face)
With Micro
Acupuncture and peeling. Dr. Sturm\'s less-is-
More philosophy is shown in the interior and in her workScience-
Product line based (
Fans include gwynys Paltrow, Bella Hardy, and Kate Moss)
Best sellers like her plasma
Inject mc1 skin cream, luminous liquid and hyaluronic acid serum.
Taking into account the pressure of building this space and dealing with urban bureaucracy within seven weeks, you will immediately feel calm and balanced as you enter this tranquil space.
670 Broadway Street, New York City; dr-barbara-sturm.
ComHotel Post Bezau of Susanne Kaufmann is the overall health and lifestyle resort of Susanne Kaufmann in Bregenzerwaldregional, Austria Post Bezau is a skincare expert sus
The entrepreneur took over the hotels and spas her family runs in the Alpine backyard, where her facial and body skincare plants and plant sources.
\"This natural paradise is a traditional Alpine farmhouse and a place of the country --of-the-
\"The art wood structure is integrated into the vast green, hiking trails and dense forests,\" says Kaufmann . \". \"Its close-
The Knit community is proud of its deep connection with nature.
\"For the new project, the architect is Oscar Leo Kaufman (Oskar Leo Kaufmann)
Susan\'s brother).
\"We are close and he understands what I think the most,\" she explained . \".
\"This retreat is for those who want to live --
Stay longer than usual guests.
With 10 years of experience in yoga, Pilates and experiencing other retreats, Kaufmann knows she wants a space that is clean, pure, warm, inviting guests.
\"I only used the materials from the area,\" she said when talking about the gray wood floors of the gray and gold color palettes.
\"I\'m trying to show up and put into practice ideas that I \'ve had for a long time, like decorating with plants, or installing a foot bath in all rooms.
\"Bruger 35, bezzo, Austria; hotelpostbezau.
North American flagship product of Bolt biological products, 40-year-
The old French skincare brand Biologique Recherche opened Ambassade de la beaut West Palm Beach with Nelli Ayrapetova, Florida.
Ayrapetova chose to work closely with the Hungarian designer Manna Habenczius designed by firmMH at 2,000-square-foot space.
Italian chandelier designed by Penta, gold-
The white and gray marble floors and the plated reception welcome you to the spa, all the furniture and wall coverings are custom made in Europe.
\"I like that certain parts of our walls are covered with beautiful oak,\" said Ayrapetova . \".
The cold and warm tones of wood and marble create a wonderful harmony.
\"Don\'t worry, the brand\'s signature P50 exfoliating tonic is available in addition to providing a full range of products and customized facial and body care for many devotees of the brand.
550 okejabi Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida; brspa.
Danuta Mieloch, founder of American rescue movement meitologist danspa, opened her first Spa and skin clinic in Philadelphia, and recently her latest project near Flatiron in New York City has been received
Boutiques and spas store some popular labels such as the Biologique recherche, Valmont, daughter of Vintner and MBR for facial and body treatments.
She needs to do a lot of work when she rents the space.
\"The original pillars were so spectacular that I wanted to protect them, but the rest of the space was a disaster and needed to be completely cleaned up,\" Mieloch said . \".
\"I like the combination of new and old (
In this case the following).
I did the same thing with my facial care, combining old world technology with modern technology for unique treatments.
\"Lindsey Adelman lamps and vintage Paris street lamps provide light and depth for the elegant and clean space designed by Polish interior designer Michal Pulaczewski.
\"Like me, there is this atmosphere in New York and Europe, I may be Polish, but I am also a New Yorker,\" she said . \".
\"I planned special elements in the redesigned frame, such as guest series and old paintings (
Even a photo of my mom).
\"29 East 19 Street, New York City; rescuespa.
Camarona studio is located in Beverly Hills\'s new skincare studio, the owner and creative director of skincare brand Arcona Chanel Jenner wants to be her 30-year-Old Los Angeles-
Based on brand and customer.
Jenna uses Benjamin Johnston\'s design and the work of architect Scott Baker to create a stylish space in the bohemian style of the coast.
\"We want our customers to feel the lift from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and be transported to an ebullient resort,\" said Jenae . \".
\"The design inspired my attention to holistic treatment by connecting with natural and organic materials.
\"White onyx surface and light fixture in the middle
Century furniture, tribal texture, Sun
The bleached color palette and pink quartz and crystal tones achieve this aesthetic.
\"We want to create a sense of daylight and connection to nature in the treatment room, where there are no windows,\" jenae said, his natural facial treatments range from enzyme and oxygen treatments to Deep Tissue conditioning, deep cleansing in Europe, LED treatments and their signature facial contours.
Fans of the product line with pharmaceutical makeup-
Amino acid grade enzyme
Acid and antioxidants include Regina King and Rachel Zoe.
236 Robertson Avenue, Beverly Hills South; arcona.
ComJoanna VargasFor celebrity facialist, salon owner and skincare entrepreneur JoannaVargas has discovered and built a new, expanded spa space in New York City and feels that intimacy is
Vargas, located opposite the New York Public Library in Bryant Park, works with designer Gabriel Marrazzo to create a bright open space.
\"I like clean lines and I want to make this space feel relaxed and airy,\" Vargas said . \".
\"The most important part of space is 15-
They are amazing.
Therefore, the design must make natural light an option.
\"Last year, she opened a skin clinic at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, inspired by the modern California beach decor at the flagship hotel on the East Coast.
Collection of photography with its pale palette and curated (
Artists and Friends Minnie Weisz, Tabitha Soren, Jelena Yemchuk and Skye Parrott)
This project is really labor of love.
\"This space is really my dream come true,\" she said . \"
Relax in the 13 treatment rooms where you can experience her owner super Nova facial, Triple Crown facial and patented RevitaLight bed treatments.
501 Fifth Avenue, New York City; joannavargas.
French luxury brand Chanel has opened a permanent beauty and perfume workshop called \"Chanel studio\" in SoHo, New York.
Customers can carry the brand\'s various cosmetics, skin care products and fragrant aquatic products, read them carefully in their spare time and discover all the products in the series.
This amazing boutique encourages customers to create online profiles on their phones to keep track of the products they try and like.
There is no need to make an appointment for the skin consultation service in the studio (
You can book the makeup app online! )
This is an easy way to find a skin care procedure that best suits your skin type. 120.
5 Worcester Streetatelierbeaute. chanel.
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