34 years later, immigrant chinese family seeks air canada \'angel\'

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-17
The brothers and sisters of Michael and Catherine pan hope to have a holiday miracle in order to find an \"angel of Air Canada, 35 years ago, when they immigrated from China to Canada, he helped their family when he accidentally stepped off the plane and entered the wrong city.
Four-year-old Michael and his 64-year-old mother, Hui Ju, boarded Montreal-
Flights from Hong Kong on November.
1984 in Montreal with dad Guo Qiang.
The plane was scheduled to stop in Vancouver, but then picked up more passengers at the Toronto station.
Because they don\'t speak English and don\'t understand what\'s going on, they get off the plane instead of continuing to their final destination.
See family panic-
An injured flight attendant identified the family missing by gesture. She helped re-
Michael, 38, said he booked them on a flight to Montreal the next morning and offered to spend the night in her apartment.
\"We are very grateful because she has opened her heart and her home, which has opened up many opportunities for our family to my parents, to myself and now, for my children, \"he said.
\"I think it would be a very different experience if we had to sleep on the floor in Pearson.
It has become a guiding position for us.
This is the way Canada
Bring in a complete stranger.
This week, 33-year-old Catherine posted a request to contact a mysterious flight attendant on some social media channels, including the Bunz help area on Facebook.
The post went viral with more than 840 shares and about 800 favorite shares.
Some passed it on to different groups of pilots and flight attendants alumni.
It also prompted Air Canada to contact her, she said.
\"I use a lot of social media and people use Twitter or Facebook videos to find each other,\" she explains . \".
\"The story of all these reunions.
Air Canada has asked me some questions about flights and they will look at their internal system to see what they can find.
\"A spokeswoman for Air Canada could not be reached immediately on Tuesday for comment.
Michael said the flight could take place on November.
That year, but they couldn\'t say for sure because they didn\'t keep the boarding pass.
\"I remember my mom was flustered on the plane,\" he said . \".
\"The next flash is in the office.
My mom has a phone number trying to contact my dad in Montreal but of course they are at the airport and not at home.
Then I sat in a car, it was raining or muddy, and then I remember sleeping in the hallway.
We got food and toiletries.
Michael said that since moving to Toronto two years after a safe landing in Montreal, it is now an adult. Clair Ave. W. and Avenue Rd.
The place where he and his mother live is often \"familiar \".
\"It\'s clear that my mom is so comfortable with her,\" he said . \".
\"She will work hard.
To make myself and her fouryear-
Go with her.
We get a lot of traction and we want this person to put things together directly or indirectly.
We have a lot of people helping out, so I\'m optimistic we\'ll get in touch.
\"The Pan family has an annual tradition during Christmas and Thanksgiving --
Recall the story of the server of Angel of Canada.
\"This is a very powerful moment in the history of our family,\" Catherine said . \". @ Postmedia.
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