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The shooting by Deborah Arthur: 12: 50, May 1, 2012 | update: 03:54, in May 2, 2012, two Swedes designed a revolutionary airbag for cyclists, still completely hidden, when it\'s not needed-
But take immediate action in the event of an accident.
The inflatable device is stored in a durable collar that the cyclist has been wearing.
Mechanism of triggering inflatable cover for abnormal games-
Helmet formed in an instant (0.
1 second, to be accurate)
Push it off the collar to the wearer\'s head.
When cyclists hit the floor, their heads were surrounded by asphalt and completely protected
Nylon-proof hood.
The airbag provides a few seconds of shock absorption and pressure, which means that it can withstand several shocks to the head in the same accident before deflating slowly.
Anna Haupt, the designer behind the \"Hovding\" helmet, and Terris Alston, said they came into contact with the safety equipment industry from a whole new perspective.
They completely released the traditional hard shell and created a helmet that is not only invisible most of the time, but also worn on a device that becomes a fashion accessory --
Provides more protection than standard helmets.
When they wrote a design paper at lundigg University, the two conceived the idea.
The Swedish government has just introduced a law stipulating that bicycle helmets are mandatory for the following children
15 years old and the possibility of extending the law to adults is being discussed. Such nanny-
National Action is seen as a threat by the Swedish public
So Haupt and Alstin start looking for a way to make wearing a helmet a tempting prospect, not a punishment, and their goal is to have people voluntarily protect themselves, instead of being forced to protect themselves by law.
With the help of the Swedish stunt team and the Swedish National Institute of Road Transport, the two re-created hundreds of bicycle accidents to determine when the sensors should deploy airbags.
The airbag is deployed by sensors-accelerometer and gyro-and in the event of an accident, the sensor captures the abnormal movements of cyclists.
The sensor then sends a signal to the gas inflator to inflate the airbag.
As a small cold gas inflator hidden in the collar on the back of the bike uses helium to accelerate inflation --
Inflate equipment
Once the bags are deployed, they can be sent back to the company for recycling and customers can get a discount on the new Hovding product.
The helmet is completely legal and the Swedish government has approved it as a regulatory safety tool
But for young people who want to wear them, they also look good.
In fact, the company launched the product in a fashion show last year, proving that this unobtrusive garment can be designed in a variety of different ways with faux fur, leather and jagged silk are just a few of the covers available for the collar.
In the final episode of the fashion show, the company sent a bride wearing a white silk collar and an inflatable helmet to act as a veil --
Perfect combination of fashion and function.
By laughing at fish.
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