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Jim Shelley of the Daily Mail published EDT 17: 31 on January 1, 2014 | update: EDT 13: 14 on January 3, 2014, Sherlock is back again, slippery, sharp and dazzling as ever
But it\'s not typical high either.
Octaane, threw everything except the kitchen sink at 221b Baker Street, so that sometimes the speed is close to a very clever form of confusion.
It features great detectives being hunted down and tortured in the darkest Serbia;
Defeat the plot to blow up the parliament building;
On the night of Guy Fox, riding a motorcycle through London at a high speed prevented Watson from being burned alive in a bonfire. Phew.
Mark gartiz\'s \"empty spirit car\" also has an evil new principal to replace Moriarty, who blew his brain at the end of the last episode,
Even though, given what we see happening to Sherlock himself, you never know.
Scroll down to watch more mundane videos, including the unexpected appearance of Sherlock\'s parents, who proved to be very ordinary.
Holmes sighed, \"This is a cross I must bear . \"Dr.
At the same time, Watson got engaged and had a moustache.
Like I said chaos
But, nevertheless, what we are all interested in is the way the last series ends.
Even the characters themselves.
Forensics expert Anderson and team member Watson (
Call the empty spirit car)
The endless discussion of Holmes\'s mysterious theory of \"death\" has been fascinated.
Two years ago, millions of viewers were stunned by the sight of Benedict Cumberbatch, who saw Sherlock jump off the roof of the building and then found by Watson on the sidewalk below,
Watson\'s speech at Sherlock\'s grave\"I am so alone.
I owe you too much. Don’t. Be. Dead’)
Holmes personally witnessed his mysterious revelation, which touched him very much.
The empty spirit car saw the series\'s creator Steven Moffat and screenwriter gartis definitely happy to make fun of the audience on the actual explanation.
It opened again.
Enactment shows that Sherlock jumped up from the roof with a bungee rope, fell out of the window, stopped to kiss Molly Huber\'s lips like a knowledgeable Milk Tray Man, all the time, watson was hypnotized by Darren Brown.
It looks ridiculous, it does. ‘B*****s !
Inspector Lestrade sneered, revealing that it was only Anderson\'s latest theory.
Holmes explained that he had calculated that \"13 possibilities\" could occur once he invited Moriarty to the roof \".
Fortunately, Watson stopped us from hearing everything.
The clues must have been there all the time.
Most of the words were told by Holmes on the phone before Watson jumped off.
\"Stay where you are!
He instructed that he needed Watson to see where he was going to blur.
\"Look at me! ’ -
This ensured that Watson was knocked down by a cyclist and then did not see him fall down.
Sherlock finally gave it to Anderson. and us)
His own claim is that he used a huge airbag, a similar-looking corpse, and a network of 25 assistants to close the streets like scenes in theater.
\"The last contact\"
Let Watson believe he\'s dead.
There is a squash under the arm.
Apply enough pressure to stop the pulse.
\"I\'m not saying it\'s not smart,\" Anderson reluctantly admitted . \".
\"I\'m just a little. . . disappointed.
Sherlock sighed, \"everyone is a critic . \"
But Anderson was right. Crash-
Mats, fake blood, masks, a team of helpers. . .
Too pedestrian.
Another movie stunt.
Fortunately, gartis and Holmes gave the final answer to Watson\'s question about how Holmes did it, that he and we would never really know.
That\'s right. That\'s what you eat and cake, even the police.
But more in line with Sherlock\'s character.
The mystery of what happened in this episode two years ago proved to be a necessary shift to this superficial, noisy mess. The all-
Undercover in Serbia, enjoy a motorcycle chase-it seems like a better fit for Guy Ritchie\'s movie version than the BBC, with the aim of making Holmes a Jack Bauer/James Bond character more targeted at the United States.
\"Welcome Mr. Holmes back,\" mumbled a colleague from Mycroft Holmes at MI6, as if he were 008.
Travel footage of the London Eye, Sao Paulo and Big Ben all showed up pleasantly.
Only the Queen is missing.
Sometimes it\'s almost too smooth.
Slow motion or highspeed time-
London\'s failed traffic lens is no longer \"futuristic\", but shot as an Ultravox video, although the screen is floating with words to explain the thinking process of Xia Locke, but not really adding anything very beautiful.
As for the plot of a \"underground secret network\" that is actually a secret
Ground Network (
On guy Fox night, try to blow up Parliament with an abandoned London subway station), it was half-The best heart.
Protagonist (
Colleagues working for North Korea)
No dialogue line was given.
During the climax, Sherlock removed the bomb, not using his \"spiritual Palace\" as Watson begged him, but simply using off-
Switch, not as funny as Holmes or gartis thought, really a little cop-out too.
When it\'s slower, quieter, more thoughtful, the empty spirit car actually works better, about the relationship between the characters-especially, of course, between Holmes and Watson and Holmes and his brother.
Some conversations are so grandiose and warm. ‘Friends? Asked McCormick.
\"Of course you will do this now. . .
But if you look slow to me, Sherlock, imagine what the real person looks like!
When McCormick insisted, \"I\'m not a lonely Sherlock,\" his brother just asked, \"How do you know ? \"?
Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing Holmes, almost irresistible.
But like Jeremy Brett, who was as good as he was before, he sometimes turns to the camp.
For example, when McCormick told him it took him a few hours to learn Welsh, Holmes quipped, \"you slipped.
But at that time, gartis was smart and bold. He just admitted that Holmes could stimulate him by letting Watson\'s voice appear in Holmes\'s head, condemning him as a \"smart man \", and laughed at him and said, \"you forgot your collar.
\"Sherlock is supposed to be the show of Cumberbatch-literally and visually --
But he was often robbed of the stage by Martin Freeman, whose performance as Watson was quieter and more human.
The way he was so sad-
He was shocked by Holmes\'s \"death\" and he grew a moustache and was treated with great humor (
Mostly Sherlock.
But it\'s actually the heart.
Break, his terrible aging.
The way Watson finds love and gets engaged is secondary in Sherlock\'s death, which is also very sharp.
In my favorite scene, Watson hesitated to announce all this to Mrs. Hudson, Holmes\'s landlord.
Excellent Yuna Stubb)
\"I have some news. I’m moving on.
\"Not long after Sherlock! ’ she cried.
What\'s his name? !
When he patiently told her that she was with a woman, she screamed, \"you\'re really gone!
My motto is \"live, let live \".
\"Listen to me,\" he stressed. ‘I am not gay !
He could have kept his beard, but unfortunately, it didn\'t take long.
It all ends with the lens of Sherlock Holmes and Watson\'s fiancee Mary, the mysterious bad guy who saved him from the bonfire, and Mary must have gone the same way only a matter of time.
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