11 places to go in n.j. and pretend it\'s summertime

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-02
Although the old man\'s winter left New Jersey alone longer than ever, the cold wind and the cold snow finally arrived.
If you are tired of the cold and eager to attend fun summer activities, there are plenty of places to keep the Summer Alive indoors.
North No. 73 West Berlin 856-Sahara Sam Oasis indoor and outdoor water park 535767-
7580 Sahara Sam indoor water park is a tropical oasis where children and adults can float, slide or surf during this warm summerlike sanctuary.
The Congo Bongo adventure river spans almost the entire length of the park, transporting floating guests under the garden terrace, tropical warm swimming pools and exciting water slides.
Since the sea of New Jersey is too cold for surfing, the Flow Rider of Sahara Sam offers guests a chance to surf indoors, where it\'s always summer.
Cocoa key water source on Route 73, Mount Laurel 877494-
The 2626 slide, water cannon, and drifting River make CoCo Key escape the winter cold perfectly.
Kids will love parrot habitat Wood, an interactive water jungle gym with slides, water cannons and 300
Regular dumping of the gallon barrels surprised the unsuspecting swimmers in the most refreshing way.
If you feel a little more adventurous, make a dark voyage along the cycle and turn of the Barracuda explosion ---a 350-
The foot tube slide lets riders fly to the warm swimming pool at the bottom.
The smallest guests will have a good time in the soakIn area --a one-
Foot deep baby pool with baby slide.
Crystal Springs Resort 3 wild turkey Road Inham Burgess 855-977-6473 this 10,000-square-
The indoor pool at Crystal Springs Resort will take you to the lush tropical island with a German Foiltech roof open all year roundround tanning.
The free swimming pool is surrounded by lush tropical foliage, all with the backdrop of the spectacular mountains that surround the resort.
Underground aquarium of caves
Like Jacuzzi, Cave
Theme steam room and sauna and 140-
The water slide at the foot makes the biosphere a perfect choice for visitors of all ages.
Montego Bay Resort & Conference Center962-
13 49 in the indoor water park in Montego Bay, even if the sand is covered with snow, shore lovers can splash around in the Boardwalk resort.
With water slides like \"aqua tube\", it takes passengers outside the building, on the Wildwood sidewalk, then back inside the hotel, and then in a warm swimming pool, a 100square-
Hot tub and 240-foot-
The long plunging water slide in Montego Bay has filled the Jersey coast with summer fun all year round.
Adventure Aquarium 1 Riverside Drive inCamden856-365-
Don\'t worry, you won\'t be able to get to Australia\'s warm beaches this winter as Camden\'s Adventure Aquarium takes the beach to New Jersey.
The little blue beach is the latest indoor exhibition at the aquarium and home to 8 little blue penguins coming directly from Phillip Island, Australia.
Surrounded by palm trees, surfboards and colorful beach cottages as nesting boxes, Little Blue Beach is a bright, warm summer
Leave in the dark and cold winter.
Ocean Drive Intime pleasant beach 732-Aquarium300 in Jenkinson899-
1212 visit the warm sharks, penguins, Stingray and seals of the Jenkinson aquarium, regardless of the weather this winter.
Since June 1991, the sea
The side aquarium offers educational and recreational resources and has the opportunity to get close contact with marine life from all over the world.
If you happen to fall in love with a cute penguin or majestic shark, the Jenkinson aquarium has an adoption plan that is not only good for animals, but has a sweet package that includes a stuffed animal, A colorful photo of your animals, Aquarium Pass and invite parents to the aquarium at night just for the adopters.
Aquarium800 North Avenue, New Hampshire, Atlantic City-348-
If the weather outside is terrible, go to Atlantic City Aquarium and see what some people think is even more terrible ---
It may even be terrible.
Visit a group of sea eels that may look scary, but are actually just a large eel that likes to live in a warm climate around the world.
At the Atlantic City Aquarium, guests can also greet turtles, clownfish and sea anemones from \"Finding Nemo\" and Amazon\'s most ferocious fish-piranha.
In the touch tank, visitors can pet tropical sharks and cattle nose stingray fish, and iguanas, mata turtles and car fish can be found in the rainforest. The FunPlex3320-
No. 38 Road 24273-
Hannover 973, Highway 10 west-428-
Face the reality-
In the winter months, it was too cold to go to Jersey boardwalk.
But in the FunPlex hotel in Laurel Hill and East Hanover, it is warm and comfortable.
Hop on the bumper car and go-
Kart, aerial shooting and entertainment-a-
Spin rides on Mount Laurel, free fall and super tornado in East Hannover, and savor the fun of summer before summer arrives.
4D Dark tour theater adds additional stimuli to two FunPlex locations by inviting guests into the 360-dimensional world
Degree in interactive adventure.
Like Jersey boardwalk, FunPlex has an arcade full of ice hockey, aerial hockey or the best and latest video games in the industry.
Inverhold 732-10 sank Road577-
8200 iPlay America has rides, arcade and fun boardwalk games like a serious summer day trapped in a heated building.
Hop on a spin area bumper car, kite flyer or skyscraper for a free fall ride and experience the same excitement you get at an outdoor amusement park.
Inside the arcade, win the grand prize with a ticket game and redeem these tickets as prizes or drive, shoot, race or fight while playing the latest and highest games
Video game technology
Get prizes in numerous crane games or try skee ball skills to play classic arcade games.
I played American games and didn\'t forget the fun boardwalk games like balloon darts, Whac-A-
Mole and hot gun.
Pump Up8 East Stowe Road, marlton856-797-
9663 if the cold air makes you want to jump around to keep you warm, then Marlton is the perfect place for some indoor entertainment.
There\'s a bigger building. than-
Living inflatable toys, kids can jump, bounce and flop in a soft, safe play area.
Great place for birthday parties and special occasions, Pump It Up also offers open jump times, including home jump times and snowballing enemies open jump, with plush snowballs not freezing your hands.
For older kids, pumping it will turn off the lights and add fun to Go Glow parties with special FX lighting and lighting accessories.
Other locations include Freehold, Hamilton, Piscataway, Randolph, Roselle Park, and Secaucus.
For more information, please visit www. pumpitupparty. com.
Corporate Park 7 high altitude trampoline park270-2456 this 20,000-square-
The foot trampoline park has fun jumping indoors in the summer.
There is a large, open jumping area, an escape field, four Dunk basketball courts, a bubble pit and a jumping area specially prepared for children under 6 years old, in the cold winter, the high altitude area is the best place for you to jump.
High altitude is also a great place to do cardio when it\'s too cold to walk or jog outdoors.
Air fitness classes and JumpFit classes provide fitness, cardio and strength training for full fitness
Can burn up to 1,000 calories for physical exercise.
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